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Friday, August 26, 2011

Benefit From Ex-Patriot Movement...

A good way to ex-patriot one's self:
First, open committee or subcommittee for a local representative (local, state or federal representative doesn't matter);
File for a probate case, in your state;
File your BC as with a Letter Of Representative, a POA (Power Of Attorney) and the committee or subcommittee paper's in the case;
Have a friend "donate" a $1.00 to your committee or subcommittee in the name of the representative;
File a expenditure report with the IRS for the $1.00 (Here's the reason why:
  Expenditure Financial Definition )...

Afterwards, CLOSE your committee or subcommittee and file a Discharge Petition into the court case, for the committee or subcommittee;

 Good reading on how it works:

Discharge Peition
IRS Reporting

 And your discharge of expenditure's, will have to be reported, with the IRS..

When you've placed your case in probate, any time you go before the court, tell them your still attempting to escrow a "deal" with the representative, to settle and close all your accounts (the $1.00 is a advance and the probate case, is an estopple on ANY commerical products in the FUTURE used FOR or AGAINST you... *smile*)..

                                              Broke Down
Its not just for ex-patriotically by mean's of the probate but, you can still get your benefits from the local, state, or federal government but, you'll have to file EVERY THING you benefit from, with the probate court as a "discharged petition" (e.g. discharge from public or private profits).. You can get rid of mortgage's, loan's, promissory note's, tax's, grant's, and ANY debt's accrued by you or other's (that's right, you can act as a third party!)..

Enjoy and good luck..

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. You can also add a "Executor Letter" which, allow's the closed committee or subcommittee organization that, your going to USE: Executor Letter ...