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Friday, October 7, 2011

Objecting To A Politic Office!!

Now, (as of today) i'm in the attempts of putting forth a objection, for 2 judges that, may take office.. What am I talking about?

Well, any officer how take's office, can be "questioned" under public policy! 

How does this work, you ask?

Well, check this form out: Object & Objection and the state statue's that, apply: Illinois General Assembly - Illinois Compiled Statutes (or ILCS) .... The 'objection' could be placed under many grounds of theatrical law.. One could be based on signature's, second, could be based on rejection's of allowing said officer, to be considered or question the confirmation of that officer, or plain and simply: To give'em a hard time! *smile*

Can you do this, to a officer even if, he or she, is already in office?

Good question! First, depends on your state but, from 10--10.1, that i've provided via statue (above under ILCS) it seem's you have 24 hour's but, the law seem's a little TOO general as far as the time line, is concerned.. Second, any officer of any state agency, can be dragged into a administrative court prosecuted under the same rule's and law's prescribed for the benefit, of the people.. 

Check with your Board of Election in your county, city, or municipal government entity... 

What's challenge a judge, do for you?

Simple anwser: Did you vote, FOR that person? If not, the only thing you should say, is, "... before this court, as a party before this court, I did not vote for this judge or associate [name], brought before this court of pleas.... make this record reflect that, if I did not vote for this representative, I do not give the state [state name] the authority to act for me as the official could not make party between me and any claimit, before [his or her] courts... I did not nor have I endorse anything his or her office may endorse for the benefit of me or for office in which party, can not be reached without the endorsement of authorizing giving and consent of me or by me or the authority of this state ....."

What you have done is created a record in which the courts would have to withdraw any pledges before that official's court in which he or she may attempted to contract with you... 

Absentee Ballot can be used to explain that FACT you didn't vote for that officer: Absent Ballot ...

What does the Absentee Ballot, work?

Well, its evidence of your claim.. In the end, that representative and ANY representative (for that matter) can no longer 'influence' legislation before his or her court because, you've made a public statement that, you do not want this representative to represent you as you are not endorsing anything he or she represents for YOU or what YOU believe!

 Wonderful how the system work's, huh??

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Using Endorsing Power For Writing Off Debt/Political Power!

Back again with a power SOLUTION to MOST of your debt, woe's! I double checked and even called the FEC before I wrote this, but in a general sense, the federal 'guidelines' of FEC (Federal Election Commission) make's ANYTHING of value 'offered', is IN FACT a contribution to a official (to influence the outcome of the election)...

Now, you ask: What does that do, for me? 

Well, do you have a mortgage, a loan, credit card debt, you own the government, lease or contract between you and a 'unwanted' supposed creditor?

Well, say, you have a buddy run for office... He run's a "ticket" or however they reference in your community,,, He open's for fundraising and does a "signature gathering"... What you have is someone that, will ENDORSE YOUR debt, accepts your debt (in which is a FEDERAL WRITE OFF!), and if, he can get a local politician to endorse your friends run for office, you would have PERFECTED THE PROCESS'S, in and of it self..

I've had several case's dismissed based on "donations" made to the officer holding court, with my client's.. The base's of someone making a run for office and he or she declines YOUR donation, that officer, can NO LONGER RENDER A SERVICE TO YOU! 

How could that, happen?

Because, you'll add that same judge as a trustee! Why, do that? Trustee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A trustee is a instant conflict of interest AND has to uphold the trust, as if it were his own! Using the bankruptcy law's in the trust (i.e. collapse it if, the judge or representative decides to set on the asset) does WONDERS, as well... You can even spread out donation's by, "selling" debt ration's (to say, a friend in another state) on a promissory note) and do the same, in another county..

What if, they don't "accept" my donation?

Well, money order's can be created for just such, purpose.. Here's a way to "prefect" your debt instrument: Send the money order DIRECTLY to the bank, the representative, is receiving their fund's... Place something to the effect, (on the money order) "this money order is to influence the outcome of this election and all debates, proceedings and account [YOUR liability account numbers]..." What you have done is monitized your offer!

Will they refuse it if, it goes directly to the representatives, office? Doubtful.. Only thing you need to keep in hand is the receipt of the money order and a copy, directly from the bank (thats called EOI "evidence of indebtedness") 

For example under United States law, Securities Act of 1933, Section 2, 15 U.S.C.A. § 77b(a)(1) defines "Evidence of indebtedness" "to mean 'all contractual obligations to pay in the future for consideration presently received,'" as interpretted by the US 10th Circuit Court in the case U.S v. Austin, 462 F.2d 724, 736 (10th Cir.1972).

This illustrates the POWER his or her supposed leader's... So, what does EOI mean for you and what if, he or she does not win? 

Your a holder of a service accepted and rendered by or for the representative of YOUR choosing (!) and the real question is: What happen's with that donation or contribution? What happen's to debt's, on receipt from a place like, say, a church? You get a deductible and can claim it on a 1099 or a 1040, correct?

IRS deductible? Get the *whopping cough*out of here!!?!? Yup, that is correct!

What can a elected official do?

Offer your debt to him, write a publisher or journalistic personality (that is NOT a contributor of that official!) and see what happen's! More importantly, try to do it in GROUPS OF DEBTS (a few debt's, won't get any real attention)... Even better: Open a subcommittee and post expenditures thru it as if, he or she 'gained' a benefit (you'll need a treasure, maybe a leader for it and maybe, a board)... You can 'donate' your debt to the subcommittee as long as you follow the rules... Every state has a Board of Election and that is (commonly) where you can start, to build and CONTROL politics, with ease!! 

Hope you've enjoyed another day of.....

The Man- Politics & MoneY