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Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Slip PAID, Postal Power (2), & Post Master Control...

Well, look what we have, below. This is how you send out mail, WITHOUT having to pay another dime! The first part, of my lesson, was, to look for a way to, do business with effeteness and NOT, have to go thru my pocket's, to do so. The green slips, you see before you is postage as if, it were an actual piece of mail (it is, of course!).

How To 'Pay' Without, Paying!

The only part that, mix's the average joe up is: What about the number? Well, the numbers, used, on those green slips were ONCE paid for! 

Postage Paid

What does that mean? It mean's, the number you have, is PRE-PAID and as long as you have a RECEIPT for it, you "purchased" the number. Is it illegal? I'd love to go to federal, jail (of course, NOT!)... The number is a batch number (NOT radom) that, sorts out what number is IN USE and which one's, have to bilaterally placed into a  the system to be SCANNED and RECOGNIZED, by the system.

Back of Postage Green Slips

The number's, in and of themselves doesn't mean, you have paid for a PERSONAL GREEN CARD NUMBER... It mean's, anyone with the number, IN and OF ITS SELF (UGLY REMINDER: Keep your receipt!!), can USE the number over and over, again. I have one from as far back as 2008, I still use (sent some goodies, to the IRS!)...

The PAID written on the stamp show's it has been CANCELED and if, the postmaster DOES NOT place a rotary on it, you have a redeem to post a complaint with Post Master General How to File a Complaint With the Postmaster General - ... If or she does nothing, you can write the AG (e.g. Attorney General) to bring suit, FOR the Post Masters VACANT OFFICE... 

The law is on YOUR side so, enjoy!!

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