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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Credit Is NOT Taxable..

Back, at Politics & MoneY, and had something short, for my reader's: Credit is not taxable.. To put it straight forward: Tax 'credit' is tax deduction (reduction of debt).. How can you be 'granted' that status? Well, words after your signature like, "credit only in exchange on account" make's perfectly good, sense.. You keep those checks and when putting in your supposed 'taxs', you claim ALL of the checks as deductibles..

  Tax credit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But, remember: All debt (written off) isn't GOOD debt (increased by 'forgiveness'). The power of a 'forgived' debt is as good as a consumer "selling" your debt from the agency, alleging the debt to another debt collector with, the alleged, account (e.g. credit company 'forgives' 3rd party and IRS, tax's it as deductible, UNpaid).. Their are several 'traps' they bait-&-switch to INCREASE their profits (so, watch out!)

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Friday, October 7, 2011

Objecting To A Politic Office!!

Now, (as of today) i'm in the attempts of putting forth a objection, for 2 judges that, may take office.. What am I talking about?

Well, any officer how take's office, can be "questioned" under public policy! 

How does this work, you ask?

Well, check this form out: Object & Objection and the state statue's that, apply: Illinois General Assembly - Illinois Compiled Statutes (or ILCS) .... The 'objection' could be placed under many grounds of theatrical law.. One could be based on signature's, second, could be based on rejection's of allowing said officer, to be considered or question the confirmation of that officer, or plain and simply: To give'em a hard time! *smile*

Can you do this, to a officer even if, he or she, is already in office?

Good question! First, depends on your state but, from 10--10.1, that i've provided via statue (above under ILCS) it seem's you have 24 hour's but, the law seem's a little TOO general as far as the time line, is concerned.. Second, any officer of any state agency, can be dragged into a administrative court prosecuted under the same rule's and law's prescribed for the benefit, of the people.. 

Check with your Board of Election in your county, city, or municipal government entity... 

What's challenge a judge, do for you?

Simple anwser: Did you vote, FOR that person? If not, the only thing you should say, is, "... before this court, as a party before this court, I did not vote for this judge or associate [name], brought before this court of pleas.... make this record reflect that, if I did not vote for this representative, I do not give the state [state name] the authority to act for me as the official could not make party between me and any claimit, before [his or her] courts... I did not nor have I endorse anything his or her office may endorse for the benefit of me or for office in which party, can not be reached without the endorsement of authorizing giving and consent of me or by me or the authority of this state ....."

What you have done is created a record in which the courts would have to withdraw any pledges before that official's court in which he or she may attempted to contract with you... 

Absentee Ballot can be used to explain that FACT you didn't vote for that officer: Absent Ballot ...

What does the Absentee Ballot, work?

Well, its evidence of your claim.. In the end, that representative and ANY representative (for that matter) can no longer 'influence' legislation before his or her court because, you've made a public statement that, you do not want this representative to represent you as you are not endorsing anything he or she represents for YOU or what YOU believe!

 Wonderful how the system work's, huh??

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Using Endorsing Power For Writing Off Debt/Political Power!

Back again with a power SOLUTION to MOST of your debt, woe's! I double checked and even called the FEC before I wrote this, but in a general sense, the federal 'guidelines' of FEC (Federal Election Commission) make's ANYTHING of value 'offered', is IN FACT a contribution to a official (to influence the outcome of the election)...

Now, you ask: What does that do, for me? 

Well, do you have a mortgage, a loan, credit card debt, you own the government, lease or contract between you and a 'unwanted' supposed creditor?

Well, say, you have a buddy run for office... He run's a "ticket" or however they reference in your community,,, He open's for fundraising and does a "signature gathering"... What you have is someone that, will ENDORSE YOUR debt, accepts your debt (in which is a FEDERAL WRITE OFF!), and if, he can get a local politician to endorse your friends run for office, you would have PERFECTED THE PROCESS'S, in and of it self..

I've had several case's dismissed based on "donations" made to the officer holding court, with my client's.. The base's of someone making a run for office and he or she declines YOUR donation, that officer, can NO LONGER RENDER A SERVICE TO YOU! 

How could that, happen?

Because, you'll add that same judge as a trustee! Why, do that? Trustee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A trustee is a instant conflict of interest AND has to uphold the trust, as if it were his own! Using the bankruptcy law's in the trust (i.e. collapse it if, the judge or representative decides to set on the asset) does WONDERS, as well... You can even spread out donation's by, "selling" debt ration's (to say, a friend in another state) on a promissory note) and do the same, in another county..

What if, they don't "accept" my donation?

Well, money order's can be created for just such, purpose.. Here's a way to "prefect" your debt instrument: Send the money order DIRECTLY to the bank, the representative, is receiving their fund's... Place something to the effect, (on the money order) "this money order is to influence the outcome of this election and all debates, proceedings and account [YOUR liability account numbers]..." What you have done is monitized your offer!

Will they refuse it if, it goes directly to the representatives, office? Doubtful.. Only thing you need to keep in hand is the receipt of the money order and a copy, directly from the bank (thats called EOI "evidence of indebtedness") 

For example under United States law, Securities Act of 1933, Section 2, 15 U.S.C.A. § 77b(a)(1) defines "Evidence of indebtedness" "to mean 'all contractual obligations to pay in the future for consideration presently received,'" as interpretted by the US 10th Circuit Court in the case U.S v. Austin, 462 F.2d 724, 736 (10th Cir.1972).

This illustrates the POWER his or her supposed leader's... So, what does EOI mean for you and what if, he or she does not win? 

Your a holder of a service accepted and rendered by or for the representative of YOUR choosing (!) and the real question is: What happen's with that donation or contribution? What happen's to debt's, on receipt from a place like, say, a church? You get a deductible and can claim it on a 1099 or a 1040, correct?

IRS deductible? Get the *whopping cough*out of here!!?!? Yup, that is correct!

What can a elected official do?

Offer your debt to him, write a publisher or journalistic personality (that is NOT a contributor of that official!) and see what happen's! More importantly, try to do it in GROUPS OF DEBTS (a few debt's, won't get any real attention)... Even better: Open a subcommittee and post expenditures thru it as if, he or she 'gained' a benefit (you'll need a treasure, maybe a leader for it and maybe, a board)... You can 'donate' your debt to the subcommittee as long as you follow the rules... Every state has a Board of Election and that is (commonly) where you can start, to build and CONTROL politics, with ease!! 

Hope you've enjoyed another day of.....

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Friday, September 30, 2011

Acceptance For Value & Constructing A Agreement..

By demand, the Acceptance For Value (known as 'AFV') is one of the simplest, method's of creating a counter-contract or counter-claim, upon the original offer... Here's a good way to (for instance) get rid of tax's...

Call the IRS if, you (supposedly) own tax's.. Imply you are recording the conversation for 'legal purposes' or for 'your own records'.... You ask them how much you own, they give you the amount.. What's your RESPONSE (i.e. counter claim)?
You: "Well, I own the IRS $XXX,xxx,xxx.xx and I accepted the amount payable to myself in which I intend on paying upon the reflection of this recording... I'll send this record, with the reflection of the payment offer to your office, at this time..." 

IRS: "Ok (agreement). Please, send your payment to [Address]..."

Now, your asking yourself: How did I AFV the offer? 

Well, you 'accepted' the offer via making it payable to yourself. The second you counter offer it like, "I intend on paying upon the REFLECTION of this recording" you've OFFERED the record as a REFLECTION of the offer...

So, how do you get your offer, ACCEPTED?

You get it transcribed! With that transcribed "offer", you get it notarized and maybe, certified by the Deed's office or the Clerk Of Courts office... 

You see, the reflection of the record is the counter-offer in which, offer, is BALANCED by what had been accepted, by the agent [Ok... Send payment to [Address]] (how much you own and how much you offer on the reflection of your record)... 

Another example: You get charged with a 'crime' and the judge is about to set bail. He set's bail at $40k ($40,000.00) dollars.... You: "On and for the record, I accepted the $40k for the value on receipt as a CUSTOMER of this court and deposit the SAME, on receipt of the offer made payable to the customer, of this court by the state and its agents.. Your honor, the acceptance of the BALANCE on reciept of this record, REFLECTS the balance of the receipt holder in this TRANSACTION.. Does the state, state a claim on the deposit of CREDIT on the record for the same of the bail service provided?"

As a customer you've PURCHASED the receipt as the balance on and for the record and if, the state does not state a claim, they have FAILED to state if, they have accepted the reflected amount, given.. Make it even better, give the state its Miranda Rights if, they do not make a claim (i.e. anything they SAY can and WILL be used against them, i.e. silence is acceptance). 

This has NOTHING to do with any UCC law's or principal's, of argument's in a court or commercialized offer, by a business of any kind... 

The AFV can be used by tendering an offer, as well. 

Example: I get a credit card payment voucher, in the mail. I would send a 'statement' with a clause, in the letter saying, something to the effect: "I have sent your office's, a $5.00 money order in accordance to my acceptance, to balanced my account. If, you do not accept this payment, for exchange of the balance on my account then, I will forward this claim to a 3rd party how will, settle and close as prescribed by this contractual, agreement..."

Their offer, is your payment (receipt) while, your payment, is the deposit as credit due... Receipt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... A payable ( Accounts Payable Wikipedia, Encyclopedia ) is something made out TO YOU [public debt] while, a receivable ( Receivables - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) is made out to THEM [debt collections].. If, something is made payable to you (e.g. pay YOUR debt), you are the creator or the debt while, something, made payable to them (e.g. pay THEIR debt) they are the creator's of such a transaction.... 

So, the AFV is a base of 'correcting' your own accounting, practices (e.g. credit card debt, mortgage's, bail, taxation, ect)...

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Driver's Licence...

International driving is very simple and the reader, will have to take into consideration: The law speak's volume's on its own.. It doesn't take much explanation but, i'm posting here, on Money & Politics, a reliable resource, many, are simple asking for but, because of the volume of request's I decided to post the site's, information and redeem's in the course of the law, in its entirety..

This site, Convetion On Raod Traffic, explain's international law.

This site, Country, State, Nation - Definition of Country, State, and Nation and here: Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "country" is define as a "state". State's are contractor's when one territory has NO AUTHORITY in another without a form of contract like, a extradition on file, extradition law (internationally agreements), or extradition contracts define, here: Extradition law in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... (NOTE: Poland does not have a extradition treaties, with the US so, if you murder your wife, i'm not LEGALLY advising you of where you could hide)...

This site, Driving in Wisconsin With A Foreign driver's license - Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin "honors" the United Nation's Convention of Road Traffic (Geneva 1949)... NO INSURANCE, NO STATE CONTRACT (driver's licence), and NO OBLIGATION TO OBLIGE THE STATE YOU HAPPENED TO LIVE, IN.. ALL STATES 'honor' international law (check your states DMV policies..)

If you have friends or a friend, oversea's, ask them for their driver's licence plate number or have them get a duplicate of their plates... Sign a "peace treaty", look here: Treaty, register the plates on paper with the Deed's office then, send a NOTICE OF INTENT Notice of Intent Template to anyone you may be subjected to their so-called authenticity, authority.

Valid International Driver's License

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are oath's of all the judge's of Chancery Division.. The Chancery Division, is for mortgage claim's and this is a great way to keep those offical's "in line"...

Judges Oath Chicago

These document's, can be AFV (e.g. Accepted For Value) and properly administered for an EXCHANGE of rights, money, and anything offered and counter-offered via an verbal or testimonial contract (i.e. I accepted the offer of my constitutional rights for $50k (thousand) upon the oath of the expert witness in exchange and return for this court to ____________...) The "offer" has been be based on what counter-offer, is going to be made by the court or the opposite, side. 

More important is, the courts "expert witness" is the judge as provided, his oath (I haven't ordered the bond's of their office's, at this time).. The counter-offer is the monetarily "value" YOU CREATE for commercial purpose's (in exchange for the expert witness, to provide testimony or agree by testimony in which, all parties AGREE on the oath he or she, had been swore to uphold)..

The 'exchange and return' is what kind of redeem you are proposing, before the court. The judge WILL NOT go against his or her oath of office.. If, you attach it to your offer's, affidavit's, testimony, ect, as long as the language is based upon the offer, IN the offer and placed on the oath (its self), you'll have a UNDENIABLE CLAIM and COUNTER-CLAIM (i.e. default agreement in which, if the oath is NOT uphold, its in a defaulted CONTRACT OF LAW!) that, can collected on if, you get the bond of the judge, post a surety bond, bid bond or place some form of collateral by a investor on EACH CLAIM you make AGAINST the oath...

So, you have a contract (e.g. the oath of office) and if, you post some sort of bond, you have a FORM of payment to default that judge into, you have a fully disclosed FORFEITURE CLAIM if, the court doesn't favor your "cause"..

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Claims On Private Property (Testimony, Contracting, Public)

Private property is public property by state and local law. Let's take a look at public property, for a moment: Public Property ... Now, you ask yourself, Politics & MoneY has told me I want to stay OUT OF contracts with the state if, I want to keep claim's from arising for my personal benefits..

But, what if you want to USE the state for the BENEFIT of public property (private via a agreement)? Can't the sheriff, come on your land if, he or she gets a warrant (state contract but, its an actual state check for depositing limited liability parties such as a defendant: Warrant Is State Check ) for the BENEFIT OF THE STATE to do business, on private land (e.g. in an attempted to impair contracts like, a mortgage but, if you OFFER the waiver of jurisdiction of your property, your right[s] property, is NOT or HAS NOT been impaired).. 

The good part of this is, you have a right to make a claim in court, say, on a criminal trust-pass on the property..

You ask, how do I do that?

Say, you tell the DA (District Attorney) you want to 'testify' at the criminal's, trial. Now, you make the criminal an offer he or she WILL NOT REFUSE: Testify that, your property is public property and the people are the ONLY ONE'S that, can make a claim AGAINST IT.. 

What criminal wouldn't KNOWING he or she, will walk on such a crime (if, it was a violent crime, this isn't a good idea, for you!).. You can take a chance with a friend that, doesn't mind sitting in jail for a few day's but, the charges MAY stick! You can even use someone else's "dispute" which, you may be called as a witness and have his or her lawyer asked your address, last known address and if, your property is public OR private..

What does this do for your property, in general?

Well, you can take that same testimony and file (advertise) it in the local paper. What you do next is to easy: Write to the deed's office or office where the mortgage, loan or agreement is filed at to "adjust" the statue of YOUR public property....Commonly, in MOST state's you have to run the ad for at least 4 weeks... 

How does that keep you from foreclosed upon or keep the mortgage or loan company, from taking your place of residence??

Well, once the 'status' of your property is 'adjusted', the state is now, the claim/party when a company decides they want to TRY to foreclose.... This mean's, the AG (Attorney General) become's your not only your fiduciary but, LAWYER! 

Why have the AG, as your attorney? 

For one, the AG will uphold your rights as long as you have something like, his or her oath and bond (of office). Here's an example: A.G. Oath & Bond ..... This oath and bond mean's, they are contracted to UPHOLD your constitution and since, your private property has BECOME public, they have to serve and protect what they OWN (by constitutional offer ONLY!).. That happen's to be just one way but, to put it in a far more reaching light, you can USE the deed's office, the clerk of courts, the city clerk, the mayor, local politician's and vendor's, and any state contractor how you may have published as a party, to your public property.

What about your mortgage and their claim's? What about consolidating their offer's and court filings?

This is the reason for a public property CLAIM... The mortgage, loan, or agreement made between you and a company, will be non-negotiable as the state, has the FIRST CLAIM ON ITS PROPERTY.. Does that place you in a no-win situation? The AG, DA's office, Associate DA's, judge's, and anyone apart of the state's claim, would have to uphold not only state property but, their pledge you placed, in the paper (advisement)...

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funded By: Government!

This is about public monies, grants, and how they are written off the time, they are issued by the government.. You wonder: How does the IRS, have the money it need's to keep up such a fight over your money? The real answer is: They are funded with public monies (you pay their salaries to TAKE your money!).. 

Let's look here, for a moment: - Who is Eligible for a Grant Now, what agents are "eligible" via the status of the offer's, made to public agents and agency's?? Aside from small business's (which make's up 92% of the US's economic), the government's, you send your money too is funded for collection purpose's (in most case's).

So, what does that mean, for you?

Well, to have the government ADMIT it was funded with write off money mean's, bonds (bail bonds) in court case's, the bail becomes tax deductible (written off by the person, in jail). The payee Payee Accountant is the Defendant because, he or she RECEIVES SOMETHING of value (i.e. accepts liability by default) in exchange of a grant (written contract for debt collection PURPOSE'S).. A simple question like, "judge _________, is this court, funded by the government via some sort of grant for municipal purpose's??" He or she answer's "yes" its hook, line and sink'em!!

So, does this go for things like, hospital bill's? All you need it is in writing by their lawyer's or the legal staff.. You tell'em before, you state anything, "anything you or what you represent, state hereafter can and will be used against you, do you understand?" then, you ask them how they were funded by and which agency involved.... If, they say they were issued a grant and you have a recording device running (and they are of knowledge of said proceeding) you state, "well, sir/mam... I intend on reporting this grant (debt) funded account to the IRS as a deductible on my tax's and if, you intend on trying to COLLECT on this account, you'll have to pay tax's on my account as my account was ADJUSTED on receipt of this grant..."

To put in simple question: If, the agency sends you something to pay and write them, get them in a conversation while recording or have them forward whatever recording by them and their office's, you'll have the ONLY EVIDENCE that, show's that what their offering is grants for PRIVATE BENEFITS (i.e. your money!)...

As long as you file for the deductible FIRST, you win! Here is where you can look at what KIND's of grants are issued by government, again by, agents and agency's: Grant (Money) 

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Federal, State, And Government Loan's (How To Get Rid Of Them!)

Well, back again with another dose of 'reality'! This time, we're onto federal, state and local loan's made out by government bodies.. I have not only learned but, understand how to rid you of said, debt's but, to start you need to have what they offered you, in the first place.. Collect your data (personal information) and have this off-hand before, you proceed:

1) Receipts of all transactions or transactions that, took place to process the payment, credit, allocated debt or creation of liabilities, assumed, by the consumer of said, transaction;

2) Have (in writing if, possible) a written 'confirmation' of anything you've paid for (AGAIN, in writing!) from the agency, stating the claim;

3) A little time and confidence! 

What I have done is provided the IRS with the receipts as a 3rd party network payee, reporting 'payments' (e.g. credits) issued by the merchant but, redeemable by the creditor. I haven't learned how to redeem those credit's per say but, working on a contractual proxy, to 'lift the hold' on credit, issued and paid for by the merchant.. 

Here is the form you should take a careful look at for a better, understanding: IRS 1099-K Form and like usual, this is a day and life, in Politics & MoneY!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

NOTE TO ALL: This process, will kill ALL federal and state debt's where their are no levies on income, credit departure's, loan's, grants or sold debt (unless, its sold to another state or federal, agency).. Filing the form out will take a considerable amount of study as I, do not intend on handing out legal advice..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Selling Unclaimed Debt...

I've found a new way to "write off" debt, once more! It's theory (at this point) but, from the law's point-of-view, it look's VERY promising... (Also, I can guarantee, I can make it work without a hitch!!)

So, you don't want to pay tax's... You want to get rid of it, of course and claim's on debt (for instance, the IRS) is 'claimed' at the end of the year (in their, instance).... You take a ad out, in the paper stating something to this, effect:


Here's the State Of Illinois (for example): 770 ILCS 90-  Sale of Unclaimed Property Act.

Now, with the PUBLIC ON NOTICE, certified mailing of your "offer" to sell your debt[s] (e.g. the checks, debt instruments they send, and/or you received by your employer) to the IRS and a Fair Debt Practice Act, your ready to do what most have wet-dream's of doing: Selling the debt..

This is the easiest part of the process.. Before you attempted to sell the debt and its ran its legal amount of time (REQUIRED by your state's, law) you want to put a promissory note, in place. The idea is to collateralize the debt, with the note (i.e. promise to pay back the buying CREDITOR). When the note  is posted, you then, offer to sell your debt (of course, no one wants to literally buy IRS debt!). 

If, you have a friend, this will not FAIL YOU, NOW! You go into a auction house with the legit pretense of selling your note to a someone, in public. Once your up for sell, you'll take the note, you filed with the Deed's office and offer the debt's ON PROMISES TO PAY BACK (e.g. IOU's).. When the note is "secured" the first creditor will be your friend, the lien holder. This can be done with lien's, administrative debt's, and federal loan's (it'll take a little more law to pull private debt out of a rabbit hole)..

Again, if you have question's don't think twice on dropping me a line for a 'word of advice'. I want to advice anyone that, want's something for 'free', I just gave it to you, with the above (so, enjoy or you'll have to pay for the luxury of having it professional done by me, for you!)..

Like always, this is another day in, Politics & MoneY!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. All state's, has some sort of abandonment or sell clause, law's for allowing the publication, consolidation and sell of anything that, has NOT been presented with a claim to it as a form, of personal property.. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Benefit From Ex-Patriot Movement...

A good way to ex-patriot one's self:
First, open committee or subcommittee for a local representative (local, state or federal representative doesn't matter);
File for a probate case, in your state;
File your BC as with a Letter Of Representative, a POA (Power Of Attorney) and the committee or subcommittee paper's in the case;
Have a friend "donate" a $1.00 to your committee or subcommittee in the name of the representative;
File a expenditure report with the IRS for the $1.00 (Here's the reason why:
  Expenditure Financial Definition )...

Afterwards, CLOSE your committee or subcommittee and file a Discharge Petition into the court case, for the committee or subcommittee;

 Good reading on how it works:

Discharge Peition
IRS Reporting

 And your discharge of expenditure's, will have to be reported, with the IRS..

When you've placed your case in probate, any time you go before the court, tell them your still attempting to escrow a "deal" with the representative, to settle and close all your accounts (the $1.00 is a advance and the probate case, is an estopple on ANY commerical products in the FUTURE used FOR or AGAINST you... *smile*)..

                                              Broke Down
Its not just for ex-patriotically by mean's of the probate but, you can still get your benefits from the local, state, or federal government but, you'll have to file EVERY THING you benefit from, with the probate court as a "discharged petition" (e.g. discharge from public or private profits).. You can get rid of mortgage's, loan's, promissory note's, tax's, grant's, and ANY debt's accrued by you or other's (that's right, you can act as a third party!)..

Enjoy and good luck..

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. You can also add a "Executor Letter" which, allow's the closed committee or subcommittee organization that, your going to USE: Executor Letter ...

Friday, July 29, 2011

'Allowing' The Judge To Plead FOR You!

Well, i'm back with a 'sucker punch' (of sorts!) on HOW to plead in a case that, you want to entitle the judge to plead, for you.

Why, would you allow such a thing?

Well, if you (like, i've done in the past) taken a close look at WHAT  a plea is, you'll soon realize, its a DEAL or a AGREEMENT between 2 parties. Look at Wiki, as beinging adviced:

There are plenty of case's where a judge, goes in and plea's for you.

What's the results?

Well, for one, he's acting FOR you (e.g. representing) your case, now. Second, the "deal" or "agreement" is a contract, accepted by BOTH PARTIES... Let's take a look at what has been defined, as a plea:

"...A plea bargain (also plea agreement, plea deal or copping a plea) is an agreement in a criminal case whereby the prosecutor offers the defendant the opportunity to plead guilty..." "Plea bargains are subject to the approval of the court, and different States and jurisdictions have different rules..." and "...plea bargain n. in criminal procedure, a negotiation between the defendant and his attorney on one side and the prosecutor on the other, in which the defendant agrees to plead "guilty" or "no contest" to some crimes, in return for reduction of the severity of the charges, dismissal of some of the charges, the prosecutor's willingness to recommend a particular sentence, or some other benefit to the defendant..."

Judge enters not guilty pleas for Arizona shooting suspect - CNN

Just to take a few, for examples. The idea is to make the judge your attorney. He "sets in" and BANG, you hitch him with his or her own verdict and walk out of the court room....

Hope this helps all that, looks for redemption!

The Man- Politics & MoneY


EDITED By Writer William McGarvin:

When the judge takes off his 'official position' he has vacated his office and has become YOUR attorney as he has not only plead FOR you but, you he has rendered his "service" to you, as well. Sense the judge had taken a "leave of absence" ( Leave of absence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) to become YOUR lawyer, you no longer hold the claim with recourse but, instead, the client of the court. The judge, in actuality, has "settled" your claim, for you!


The judges can ALSO, be used as "material witness" if, you plead guilty, yourself. Ask the judge if, he "accepted" and if so, get the transcripts, file a claim and get a COURT ORDER for the judge to uphold your not guilty right via your AGREEMENT BETWEEN you and the courts...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Slip PAID, Postal Power (2), & Post Master Control...

Well, look what we have, below. This is how you send out mail, WITHOUT having to pay another dime! The first part, of my lesson, was, to look for a way to, do business with effeteness and NOT, have to go thru my pocket's, to do so. The green slips, you see before you is postage as if, it were an actual piece of mail (it is, of course!).

How To 'Pay' Without, Paying!

The only part that, mix's the average joe up is: What about the number? Well, the numbers, used, on those green slips were ONCE paid for! 

Postage Paid

What does that mean? It mean's, the number you have, is PRE-PAID and as long as you have a RECEIPT for it, you "purchased" the number. Is it illegal? I'd love to go to federal, jail (of course, NOT!)... The number is a batch number (NOT radom) that, sorts out what number is IN USE and which one's, have to bilaterally placed into a  the system to be SCANNED and RECOGNIZED, by the system.

Back of Postage Green Slips

The number's, in and of themselves doesn't mean, you have paid for a PERSONAL GREEN CARD NUMBER... It mean's, anyone with the number, IN and OF ITS SELF (UGLY REMINDER: Keep your receipt!!), can USE the number over and over, again. I have one from as far back as 2008, I still use (sent some goodies, to the IRS!)...

The PAID written on the stamp show's it has been CANCELED and if, the postmaster DOES NOT place a rotary on it, you have a redeem to post a complaint with Post Master General How to File a Complaint With the Postmaster General - ... If or she does nothing, you can write the AG (e.g. Attorney General) to bring suit, FOR the Post Masters VACANT OFFICE... 

The law is on YOUR side so, enjoy!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling The Plaintiff As A 'Witness'...

Their are many way's, to have the government or state you live in, to 'detest' bothering such a person if, they know that you have some simple question's that, CAN NOT be answered. A few of those questions (in court) should be done with respect, stealth and common sense (most importantly!).

Now, to call the state or federal government to the stand, is like, asking a member of congress to, pull his own teeth: We all know, that would never happen.

But, what if, you ask the federal government, to "produce" or have the plaintiff, "take the stand, in its own defense", it become's VERY CLEAR, as to what the government HAS and what it CAN NOT DO. A deposition ( ), in some states, a MANDATE (federal & state) to produce the witness or a 'material (physical) witness' for test-my-money (e.g. testimony), based on discovery you want to USE FOR the benefit, can bring a form of relief of courts, pending its injunction of you to perform a duty, to argue your case.

The fine line between questioning the DA's "client" is one, I found on a simple questioning, of a Defendant on Law & Order, 3 months, prior to this posting. I will using this tactic, in a immigration case, in NC. I'm sure, I will find the results 'pleasing' *grinning*!

In any effects, enjoy this old dogs trick with the discovery, of its fruitful success and failure's at the hands on a common mind with a good soul! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off The Record!

Have you ever, heard a reporter or a judge say something (unannounced or unintended for the victim, the perp or the public eye) to the affect, ".. this if off the record..." or a journalistic person of interest, say's to a "undisclosed source" that, "whatever you say, off the record can't be held... against you..."??

Say, you want to drive WITHOUT your licence on you (or if, you don't have one at all like, myself!) and you call the police and ask one of the officer's if, their's ANY records of you, driving without a licence.. Like most public records, you record the conversation and when they say, they've found nothing you state, "well, while i'm driving (today) i'm going off the public record so, thanks for that confirmation and have a nice day!"

What you have done is ESTABLISHED a off the record "account" and what your GOING to do and what you FOUND that, you haven't done. 

Let's look at a prepaid card. You CAN NOT get the money unless, you DEPOSIT the money ON the account, right? If so, if their's NO RECORD of such an account, you get nothing but, you don't have a LIABILITY for a dime that, HAS NOT been received, right? That's how public records, work. If you deposit something into the record, you get a benefit (i.e. contract for public assistance, for private administrative care if you want it apart of the public record for your safety, tax's, property records, ect) in exchange, for the liability to the record, in and of its self.

So, establishing a NO RECORDS FOUND is like saying, their has been NO DEPOSITS FOR LIABILITIES, AT THIS TIME. The best part of it is, they record you record, you trasncript YOUR record and establish you are driving with no records of you, doing so.. 

Pretty cute, isn't it? Take a step further and you can even use the "benefit" of selling drugs (NOTE: I am NOT endorsing any claims!)  if, you ask the officer the SAME QUESTIONS under the dialog that, they (police) STATED A CLAIM in which NO RELIEF COULD BE GRANTED by the courts, you transcribed into the public records (in which, NO RECORDS WERE FOUND). Let's look at the definitions, themselves, for the words "off the record":

Now, lets look at the word "record": 

Interesting change in the words, themselves, aren't they? The words, "off the official record", can be used, as well.

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Conference Call!

I'll be hosting a 30 minute 'confernce' (of sorts) for those that, may have more question's then, anwser's based on my blog, my findings, ect. Please, join me June the 30th for my first conference! 

Any question's please feel free to send them to and i'll see if, I can get your question's answered, in a orderly, fashion!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Vacancy & What You Can Do!

Well, back again at the Famous Blog, Money & Politics! 

I've found some more good information AND a form of 'control' over government agent/agency. First, as you'll see in my YouTube video, I scratch on the edge of what you need in order to "fill" a public officials office. Here's a few things you MUST have:

1) A contract, like, the oath of office;

2) Get the bond, blanket fidelity agreement, or blank bond;

3) A public contract (number 1 or 2 or both) to execute a abandoned or vacant office..

If, another person "takes" the office, as long as the oath has not EXPIRED, they are "officially" still in office... Take Mr. Rep. Weiner, how, made the mistake of having a woman fall on his private..

I know, nasty joke but, thats what happen's under the cloak, of 'official business'.. Ha, ha!

Now, Mr. Weiner, may not be officially on the record (of office) but, if you make a claim, within 30 day's of a vacant office (to secure the position), you can make private claim's with that office... Here's how it can be used, by you:

Your the common person and a friend of your's, goes to jail. You send a copy of the oath and or bond or both (say, Mr. Weiner). Your friend, then, signs a affidavit having something like, "[NAME OF FRIEND] will act in the proper legal capacity of Senate Seat under [STATUE BASED ON STATUE]..."

For the most part, as long as the officer is out of office (resigned, fired, or death), doesn't have a oath or bond on file, or does not fill the REQUIREMENT's via statue, law, or constitutionality (if, a debt is not constitutional and you QUESTION the officer, does not ANSWER and you exhausted public speculation then, they have OFFERED to abandon or vacant their office, e.g. you can act on THEIR behalf or other's how want to do business with that official office)..

So, if you have a "weiner" (i.e. Ha, ha-er!) in your city, county, or state have fun taking their office if, they resign or forfeit their office and have a valid contract, of avail to PLEDGE the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of that official!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

BAR Card & Judges Compensation For His/Her Services...

Hello, reader's! Sorry, it has taken me so long to post my new journey's, efforts in defecting governance of people subjected to The People, or simple, not abandoned those that, love my writing's..

Well, here's some new stuff for my reader's, out there but, this writing and video (which will be deployed, later this afternoon) will be short, regrettably..

I had a client, in Wisconsin, to pull the BAR card (last month) of one, Judge James C. Babler, (hell of a name!! Ha, ha!) in the circuit court of Barron.. In doing so, he wrote to the Bar Association here: American Bar Association .

After requesting it, he received Monday. He has been stopped by a police officer's and has NEVER appeared before a judge.

What did he do, you ask?

He appointed the the judge fiduciary as "receiver" of his debt's... He wrote the judge, gave him 10 (ten) days with the judges Miranda Rights. After doing so, he wrote them telling them (again), confirming he would sign all debts, public and private, FOR the benefit of creditor's (i.e. debt collector's, prosecution's office, police officer's, state employee's, ect)...

In his pursuit to driving and beinging state debt free of debt (i.e. tax's, county collections), it has been a happy day for a good citzen, with the right intent!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Speaking To A Police Officer After Beinging Stopped (In A Foreign State)

If you are stopped, by the police and you intend, driving with a licence (from another state), this should help you, in your travel's.. If you have a licence from say, Idaho and going to be driving, on a regular base's, in say, Ohio, you should get the pay 'schedule' that, you had to pay under from your state [Idaho example ]. You also should get, the statues, for having to have, the driver's licence, in the first place!

An EXTRA: Send a letter to the police or the department of transportation (in the state, the licence was issued, in) and politely, ask them if, "... is Idaho, the official place, my licence was issued from?" This is called, proma face evidence (look here: ).. If unrebutted, it become's FACT.. If you want to travel in your home state but, do not want to be 'subjected' to their jurisdiction's, fine's, and allocation's to meet state payroll, then, you get a licence AND register your car or vehicle, in another state..

Now, on to giving NOTICE..

When you all ready, registered, paper's from the DMV, and statues providing, your driving IN, your state in which your licence was issued from, you'll need to make copies but, make sure, they are CERTIFIED by the state in which, the licence was issued, from..

With the certification, of each document and print out (from the DMV, also, should be certified by, the state), you should proceed, to send a letter, with a Miranda Warning, to the state police in which, jurisdiction, you INTEND on using.. [UGLY REMINDER TO READER: If, you go into another 'zone', 'jurisdiction', or 'territory' and you HAVE NOT given official notice to the police, mayor, and an municipal official that, can charge or political fine you for any violation, this is not MY fault, it will be: YOUR's]. Post your notice, statues, and licence paper's (ALL certified by the state) on the side panel of your back window or your backdoor, of your car.

Now, once you've "served" those people, keep in mind, you have to wait 10 (ten) day's BEFORE, you intend, on USING/benefiting, the road. Here is what you should say, if stopped or question, in the event, you have done something or nothing, wrong..

"Hello, i'm traveling under state [statue or rules] which, are posted on my car's window (point to it) from state of [driver's ID state] and traveling from [this location] to [that location] from [show him ID location on your NOTICE on the window].... i given proper notice to the authority's in THIS jurisdiction, 10 days, via due process of law prior to my travels.. i was neither, given notice that, i could not do so or given notice, of inproper jurisdictional infringement if, their was a obligation, not to do so..."

If done properly, the police or state agency (how, you gave those notice's, too) do not have the right to search your car (WITHOUT a warrant), has to get a out-of-state warrant in order to search your car, AND has no jurisdiction, to do so under any 'respects' of THEIR law..

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pleading, Testimony, Signature, Endorsement's, Ect Without Recourse & With Prejudice..

Endorsement's, goes along way... Testimony (on a record, of a court), for instance, is a endorsement and most people don't know that... Endorsing a bill (via congress or the state) is a endorsement.. A signature (made by your hand) is a endorsement..

So, what exactly, can you do with a endorsement?

You can 'sell it' (for income), you can 'buy it' (with credit or debit/form of payment like credit/debit cards), you can sign for a conviction, you can sign by default (like, offering your signature to the court as payment for a bond or offering it to the court as a signatured party), you can create credit out of thin air (buying a mortgage or a demand for payment), you can increase your worth (by selling your idea's, you sign for), you can bond yourself out of jail or agree to the term's and condition of probation, all with your signature..

Now, what can you do to PROVOKE the revocation of your signature and to keep it from harming you? Well, signature place's like, "Mark Gilmore Without Recourse" mean's, you leave NO ROOM and do not ALLOW the creation of liability in YOUR name.. Look here: You notice, under 'Qualified Endorsement' it explain's, that a bank that is handed a check with, 'without recourse' SHOULD NOT, be acceptable..


Because, that leave's the BURDEN OF PAYMENT on the bank! Thats right... The bank would be LIABLE for their OWN MONEY! If they endorse it and it isn't payable (exchangeable as payment) from the federal reserve bank that, pay's them fee's to collect on interest payment's (the fed supposedly loan them money, with little or no interest, at all), the only thing the bank can do, is: write it off..

What about, in court? How would you plead?

If you state, "on and for the record, I plead not gulity without recourse and with prejudice... do you understand, my pleadings, your honor?" For him or her (judge) to say ''yes" is as good as stating, 'you aren't liable for this crime AND you plea, with not be used again, in this case...'

Why wouldn't your "pleading" be used in this case, again? Look here:

With Prejudice is another nice tool to USE in that type of situation because, what it really mean's is, YOUR CLAIM (e.g. not guilty without recourse and with prejudice) AGAIN, place's the burden on the state to CREATE a new way to find you liable for the crime. Your CLAIM CAN NOT be used against you, in other words.. 

Does this go for civil court, as well? 

Yes... It isn't HOW you use it, its WHEN you use it! The judge may make a statement like, "so, do you intend on paying this debt?" and you respond, "on and for the record, yeah, I [name/remember to ENDORSE the record!], with pay $XX,XXX.xx to [plaintiff] without recourse and with prejudice..." Any time something is in "question", is the BEST TIME to use your limited liability "status"...

Their are other "instances" that, it can be used like, having to testify... Say, your on the stand and asked to answer a question.. When you answer at the beinging or the end, of each answer some come 'without recourse and with prejudice'... WARNING: Be careful because,  they will try and TRICK YOU into anwsering the same question under the 'cloak' of the ORIGINAL question.... Tricking is their LIFE and a big piece of their GAME!

The magnitude of LLtoaC (i.e. Limited Liability to a Company) is as big as, using your signature, to buy donuts for a group of hunger vet's, in your neighborhood or using your signature as Parent Guidance, for your daughter or son, to take on the family's financials.. The 'benefits' of these words after a signature has more to do with money then, anything else but, here are just a few:

An old partner, I use to be in business, bailed himself out of jail when the judge "offered" him a bail of $40k on 35 tickets (I know, crazy!!).. He stated, right after the judge gave the bond amount, "I accept the bond amount, on my signature of the asking price of $40k (thousand) without recourse and with prejudice..." He walked out, that late afternoon..

An old neighbor of mine, no longer pay's tax's. When audited, he said, he was shaking like a crack smoker looking for a fix (kidding!) and when they went over his checks, they NOTICED what he was writing on them. He had already, on my instruction's, been sending in copies of his checks after, he received them. He was handed a check for almost the ENTIRE DIFFERENCE of the amount he paid, the prior, year..

A recent (of 2 weeks ago) client of mine, has beat the courts in their applications, to have him pay for child support. The amount is unreasonable, the plaintiff was egged on by the mother to 'force him to pay or send him to jail'. He has been paying her but, she now realize's, the court will HAND HER just-ice (justice), at this time. I inclined myself to SHOW HER she would LOSE and time, was not on her side. They are again, in discussion on HOW he will pay on a pizza hut, salary..

Their are plenty of example's and lots of case's, I have done (just got back into the commercialized game, myself!) but, most of the history I have, with helping or restraining the POWER, for other's, has been a joy!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Reference's of the discussion:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

De-Fund Local Agents From Your Home!!

Well, i'm back with a new segment, early in the morning! A old client of mine ask me, ".. how can I get the police, from coming into my home no matter, the problem may be..?" I intrusted in him, a simple method, I helped a family member use to keep ".. those people, away.." is what he, stated..

I said, no problem. I told him, to write a letter stating, (directed to the police) that, "he no longer needed their service or assistance, anything should happen.. Simple letter but, to insure, he would not have to worry about someone 'calling' from that number, he added 911 on the (federal) Do Not Call Register and No Call List (state) in which, saved him money, at the same time!

As long as a cell phone wasn't used, in his home, police, had NO RIGHT to "act" on a complaint, at the location.. Of course, they can 'use' a "well beinging check", to enact a form of observation of the property but, unless, they were given a warrant (by a court), they had NO RIGHTS to go onto the property.. 

Here is how their funded:

"In the United States, 9-1-1 and enhanced 9-1-1 are typically funded based on state laws that impose monthly fees on local and wireless telephone customers. In Canada, a similar fee for service structure is regulated by the federal Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Depending on the location, counties and cities may also levy a fee, which may be in addition to, or in lieu of, the state feeThe fees are collected by local telephone and wireless carriers through monthly surcharges on customer telephone bills. The collected fees are remitted to 9-1-1 administrative bodies, which may be statewide 9-1-1 boards, state public utility commissions, state revenue departments, or local 911 agencies.[24]These agencies disburse the funds to the Public Safety Answering Points for 9-1-1 purposes as specified in the various statutes. Telephone companies in the United States, including wireless carriers, may be entitled to apply for and receive reimbursements for costs of their compliance with federal and state laws requiring that their networks be compatible with 9-1-1 and enhanced 9-1-1. This is also true in Canada.
Fees vary widely by locality. They may range from around $.25 per month to $3.00 per month, per line.[25] The average wireless 9-1-1 fee in the United States, based on the fees for each state as published by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), is around $.72. Since monthly fees do not vary based on the customer's usage of the network, the fees are considered, in tax terms, as highly "regressive", i.e., the fees disproportionately burden low-volume users of the public switched network (PSN) as compared with high-volume users. Some states cap the number of lines subject to the fee for large multi-line businesses, thereby shifting more of the fee burden to low-volume single-line residential customers or wireless customers."

This (above) show's you, you are a "customer, of the state" (in term's, of collecting fee's to pay for county 'services')!!

Don't get me wrong: Their are a few things you WILL NOT be able to use, there after.. Such as, emergency help, someone injured on the property, and other form's of 'assistance'.. 

This is the 'rationalized legal works' of people how, didn't care about having a "protection agency" looking out for their property value: Just to keep them from ruining them as common people, was it. To set forth in this venture, for people, i've done work for is a easy illustration of 'combating' outside elements of the state and local problem's, some seem to feel their fit without.. 

And if, you want them out of your neighborhood (all together) ban together, with however you live with, around, and how is within your jurisdictional "zone", "ward", or "county line" and have them all sign a petition to "withdraw, from contributions of to the Police Pension Fund and or the county and municipal budgets and or CARF as define in [YOU'LL HAVE TO LOOK UP THE STATUE], in regards, to our community..." This is regulated (commonly) by the comptroller (New York & Chicago, as an example: )...

What you'd be doing is "stopping their growth". That and their retirement, of the community they "serve", is a slap in the face as well as a decrease PRESENCE in your local city or municipality.. 

Now, what does this mean, for you? Well, for one, stop funding the CARF or Pension funds of these organization (if, your paying into or not, as long as you take up legal residence for 30 days or more, you can sign a petition) will keep them out of your neighborhoods and will give some form of strength to the people that, used to call them "the streets". Second, the comfort of your own home or a dim lit street corner, you might feel comfortable on, give's a common pleasure, of relaxation (even, if their is a fuse in the home) and a utopian justice of non-badger of your utopian state, some empowerment that you can lax with your friends or hold a conversation for more then 10 minutes without the discomforting eye's, of beinging the "birds prey"..

Just a state of freedom, to a certain extent, i'd say!!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Using An Embassy Address For Tax Purpose's & Other Form's Of Tax Redeem's..

This is proable the EASIEST THING to do an an effort to 'withdraw' from the tax system... Look for a nation that, is NOT KNOW (you'll have to do your own research! but, i'll give one for those not worthy of 'thinking': Poland) for taxing federally...

Now, look for a Embassy, in the US... Here's is the Embassy for Poland. and here:

The best part about Poland is, it DOES NOT have a extradition 'treaty', with america!! So, whats next?

Go to get a new state ID but, first, you need a letter to be 'granted' legal status, at that location.. So, write them a silly letter and when they respond, you can use THAT, as a form of jurisdiction.. Now, let's get your ID. After you've gotten your ID, you need to change some jurisdictional (questionable) "errors" at the post office...

So, off to the post office, we go!! Go in and set your NEW ADDRESS as a FOWARDING MAIL address to your address, at home. Meaning, you are CREATING JURISDICTION on the lands of a forgien Embassy on domestic TURF!! Got to love international law, huh??

Now, your final step is to go to your boss and ask, to have your address 'status' changed and when asked, why, simple state you moved your "remote address to that location but, your living with someone, at this point..." Its your business so, it should be of NO CONCERN to him... Now, for the letter!

Write a simple letter to the IRS stating, your jurisdiction and country status, has changed. ".... If you want to have me or the corporation that, sign's my checks, to file for the income credit of my new foreign jurisdiction, please, forward Form 1118 for Foreign Tax Credit, earned, by the company, I work for...." What your telling the IRS is, your jurisdiction has changed and you DO NOT intend on acting within the USA...

Here's the form if, you like...

Foreign Tax Credit

You should get something like this: in the mail. The only part (thats, important!) is the first, part: Strike D (Certain Income Re-sourced By Treaty).. This REDUCE's corporate spending (on you), you get your entire taxable income back (the next year) and you'll file them as long as they try to tax you!!

Other way's is to use tax exempt 'agencys, churches, and businesses' with an exemption status of at least $10k (thousand) or better... When you get a paper in the mail, stating, you own the IRS say, $40k (thousand). The first thing that, should think of is: Is this a offer to settle??

Of course, it is! How?

Well, when you get a 'offer' its like a deposit for future credit (debit in banking term's). If you give the offer 'consideration' by accepting the amount (simply receiving it, under law, is considered consideration!) by signing it, cashing it, or paying it you've given the offer VALUE but, did you??

See, when you get the 'offer', what you've ALREADY GOTTEN is consideration (value) of the thing because, it doesn't have a minus like, $-40,000.00 (debit) or a plus like, $+40,000.00, have you? If not, then, you have a payment, IN YOUR HANDS!! Its called a debt-ration which, is defined as, a ".... liability on THEIR accounts in which, they have CREDITED YOU with..." Starting to sound more like banking law's, doesn't it?!?

A debt-ration is a BALANCE between, a credit (lose to them) and a debit (a gain to you). If they have an inbalance on the account they created FOR YOU then, YOU must balance the account, right? Say, you 'offer' your balance (their gain) to a church... The church files it as a 'tithing' and you get a check the mail for 'adjusting their [IRS] books'? Have you ever picked up a paper and seen, your company, sell a bunch of its debt, to investor's?

A credit swap, is a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE of that but, let's stay on track..

You can also, open (indirectly) a non-for-profit but, DO NOT HAVE YOUR NAME ON ANYTHING as if, it were to get audited, they could hit you with many more charges then, the death of the Mormon Uprising!! Matter of fact, the further you are away from it, the better....

Their are other form's I have used with much success.. One, is questioning the OMB (Office of Management and Budgeting) how have admitted to a few clients, I worked with before that, the federal government DOES NOT FINANCE corporation in any way, shape form, or fashion.. Here's is an example of WHY they don't:

"The U.S. Constitution (Article I, section 9, clause 7) states that "[n]o money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time."
Here for reference:


This, in retrospect mean's, congress does not and has not, passed a law to ORDER (directly or indirectly) monies, to be given, offered, or paid to corporations for their work!! Whats make's this so wonderful is, congress revenues give's the authority to the IRS to tax what the banks OFFERED to congress!! Article 1, Section 9 of the constitution, here: state's,

"No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time." as stated, above but, here's the twist: I had the clients, ask the OMB to provide 'regular statement and or receipts' BEFORE, he filed for tax's... This was to show that, congress DID NOT PROVIDE money, capital or re-revenue to the company they worked for and the OMB stated, they would audited!

Thank you for reading and hope, to have a YouTube Video, tonight, in regards to this posting!!


The Man- Politics & MoneY

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Challenge Bill's & Voting Rights..

I've challenged many law's and its easiest way to go head-on with politician's, lawyer's, judges and private official's (federal), one only has to ask ONE QUESTION: Did I vote for that bill?

The reality is simple, if your not a SIGNATURED PARTY then, your are not liable! I had to leave Tampa, Florida after beating the courts in 16 case's (now, in which the case's are under seal by the great judge Sean O. Cadigan) how, felt, I was a 'threat to the publics safety and my legal advice, could been taken as historical but, misappropriations of administrative monies [meaning, I was cutting into his pay check via the bench!] that... could have caused such unnerving, the DOJ, may have to had bailed the circuit court of the thirteenth district..."

What he was saying is, when I had someone go in on say, child-support, I had BOTH PARTIES AGREEING that, the bill appropriated to be USED AGAINST my client, would be payable to the plaintiff....

That was just one end of the spectrum... Now, what the courts REALLY DIDN'T LIKE is when my clients were told to ask, "did I vote for this bill?", "your honor, do you SUPPORT this bill?" and my favorite, "sense, I have not signed this bill, I am going to ask, the court, in which I have opened a new case to have the govnor ANSWER to my swore affidavit that, he DID NOT vote for me under which bill, would HARM ME without my constitutionally right beinging taken into consideration, in this case..." 

Case after case, thrown out because, to tell a judge, you did not vote FOR THE RIGHT or vote FOR THE BENEFIT mean's, the court, CAN NOT ACT out of scoop of the bill if, it does not benefit the state (i.e. you didn't vote for it so, HOW can you be provided a redeem if, the state did not get a signature to OBLIGATE YOU to the cause, action, law, or within the budget)? The great part, as far as this 'tool' is concerned, is the court is acting under THE SAME bankruptcy of 1933 that, FDR assumed and ushered into public policy (NOT public law, big difference). Take a peep, here: 

What this all mean's is that, a law is BILLED TO THE PEOPLE and the debt 'rations', payable to the agents are for processing and administrative off setting of their book's.. If the bill is 'challenged' and the court, CAN NOT PROVIDE a lawful agreement between the defendant (the debtor) and the plaintiff (the creditor) then, the state, has to REDUCE ITS DEBT RATIONS minus, fee's payable to the court's... 

The Fair Debt Collections Act (here: ) can be USED, as well because, as consumer of the courts (a party or claimit is a CLIENT or a CUSTOMER of the courts) we have the same rights NOT to be mandated unless, we have signed something... Bill's are passed and signed by the state or federal government, you didn't sign the bill, the courts are debt collector's for public trustee's (e.g. police, state representatives, congressman, federal official's, ect), AND you are a public creditor 'paying' bill's you may not have signed for!

Their will be YouTube video's that, will explain these process's, in better detail[s]! Write, text, or email if you or someone you know, may or is a victim, of the system..

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