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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten (10) Notice & Power Of Invitation!

Well, I have something 'new' (to the consuming, reader) but, something i've used for YEARS to keep LE (Law Enforcement) to keep off of me in many ways, more then one! I'm at a hotel, with a client doing a his tax's and figured, i'd give a 'dose' of law, while I was at it...

A ten (10) day notice is (See here, for the clause Due Process Clause ) is a perfect way to get the attention and RETAIN order, between you and LE... The idea is to GIVE your intent with a lawful grievance that, if they DO NOT (again, DO NOT!) state a claim, within ten day's, they FAILED to state a claim in which, equitable (lawful), can GRANT (grant is a state check to 'balance' YOUR account) relief to the parties...

Funny thing is, when they KNOW your intent and didn't arrest you (i.e. you give 10 day notice THEN, your drive your car without a licence NOT the other way around, silly!), they failed to 'state a claim'.. Once that is done, the people, how would handle that claim, should be sent the same and a deposit into somewhere like, the county register, should have the copy of your green slip's (returned green slips, for mailing), a copy of the notice, and a contract (if, you want to stop them from doing business FOR YOU, i.e. tax's, indirect tax's, in and out story credit on taxable item's, local property tax's, ect) if, you don't INTEND on paying any agent, for service "rendered" (i.e. rendered mean's, work that has already be done; e.g. defined as the following Work Done! )...

10 Day Notice

So, when you get that tax bill, their accounts, are already in balance because, their 'borrowing monies' from you causing the accounts to shift from payable (paid) to receivable (debt, paid). I have left you with a ten day notice and what and hope, you can manifest, your mean's to live a proper and satisfying life, form!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. Things like, this: Dinar Trade Currency In ARK with waivers given to the state representatives of ALL the claims (laws) made, against them! I wise, Ali Agha, was MY client!


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Anonymous said...

This is bullshit at its finest