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Monday, April 18, 2011

Appropriations/Expenditure & How To Control Their (Government) Spending..

If you get a phone call from a debt collection's, a lawyer, told by a judge (via a judgement), or anyone of so-called 'authority', ask them one simple question, "is what your asking me for payable or is a extensive line of liability under a appropriation or expenditure, under or by law? If so or if not, can I see the ledger on all deposits, by your office, by your office, by this court [however your negotiating with] under federal law Fair Debt Collections Act [e.g. FDCA]where is, I, the-so-call-debtor/creditor has the LEGAL RIGHT to said letter's, negotiable instruments, warrants, payments and lawful orders, issued under the same [FDCA].... "

That question is the MOST DAMAGING REQUEST that, even JFK 'admitted' no expenditure is questioned, no rumor printed, no secret reveled...

Let's take a look at how they are defined:

Now, the 'question[s]' is based on if, the government made the law (your beinging accused of, beinging told you have to pay under, or if the law, is payable to you or payable to the supposed creditor) to 'credit' the party (in a court case) or allow's any state, agency, supposed to creditor ect to be given as payment in which law appropriated amount (i.e. the FDCA is sent in a letter to you to 'recover a debt' but, IS FDCA PAYABLE to the agency attempting to collect ON IT?)... 

Now, you can use the appropriation question under some other circumstance's... Say, the judge say's, "if your questioning the budgeting of the law, this law make's you liable, as the claim is made AGAINST YOU..." Whats your next question?

What appropriation code is the court using in order for me to pay the invoice payable to the so-called plaintiff? Here's an example: and another invoice, I found:

Is the comptroller (of your state) the depositing officer of this court, agency, company, ect in which the law [law their using] is instructed, to make a warrant, contract payment, or obligation[s] payable or charged against a appropriation invoice number if, one can be provided?

Can the comptroller, verify as to the account you've made payable to your agency, person, or charged by the court, on request under a FOIA or by expert testimony?

Is my account, indebted to me, on the comptroller's payroll, warrant issued to RESOLVE this issue, employed me by the state or this agency called the district court of [the court your in] in which, i'm beinging asked by this court, to pledge said securties or USD "resevered currency", issued by a local federal reserve bank ( )...

Alot of interest reading, my friend's! Enjoy...

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