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Friday, September 30, 2011

Acceptance For Value & Constructing A Agreement..

By demand, the Acceptance For Value (known as 'AFV') is one of the simplest, method's of creating a counter-contract or counter-claim, upon the original offer... Here's a good way to (for instance) get rid of tax's...

Call the IRS if, you (supposedly) own tax's.. Imply you are recording the conversation for 'legal purposes' or for 'your own records'.... You ask them how much you own, they give you the amount.. What's your RESPONSE (i.e. counter claim)?
You: "Well, I own the IRS $XXX,xxx,xxx.xx and I accepted the amount payable to myself in which I intend on paying upon the reflection of this recording... I'll send this record, with the reflection of the payment offer to your office, at this time..." 

IRS: "Ok (agreement). Please, send your payment to [Address]..."

Now, your asking yourself: How did I AFV the offer? 

Well, you 'accepted' the offer via making it payable to yourself. The second you counter offer it like, "I intend on paying upon the REFLECTION of this recording" you've OFFERED the record as a REFLECTION of the offer...

So, how do you get your offer, ACCEPTED?

You get it transcribed! With that transcribed "offer", you get it notarized and maybe, certified by the Deed's office or the Clerk Of Courts office... 

You see, the reflection of the record is the counter-offer in which, offer, is BALANCED by what had been accepted, by the agent [Ok... Send payment to [Address]] (how much you own and how much you offer on the reflection of your record)... 

Another example: You get charged with a 'crime' and the judge is about to set bail. He set's bail at $40k ($40,000.00) dollars.... You: "On and for the record, I accepted the $40k for the value on receipt as a CUSTOMER of this court and deposit the SAME, on receipt of the offer made payable to the customer, of this court by the state and its agents.. Your honor, the acceptance of the BALANCE on reciept of this record, REFLECTS the balance of the receipt holder in this TRANSACTION.. Does the state, state a claim on the deposit of CREDIT on the record for the same of the bail service provided?"

As a customer you've PURCHASED the receipt as the balance on and for the record and if, the state does not state a claim, they have FAILED to state if, they have accepted the reflected amount, given.. Make it even better, give the state its Miranda Rights if, they do not make a claim (i.e. anything they SAY can and WILL be used against them, i.e. silence is acceptance). 

This has NOTHING to do with any UCC law's or principal's, of argument's in a court or commercialized offer, by a business of any kind... 

The AFV can be used by tendering an offer, as well. 

Example: I get a credit card payment voucher, in the mail. I would send a 'statement' with a clause, in the letter saying, something to the effect: "I have sent your office's, a $5.00 money order in accordance to my acceptance, to balanced my account. If, you do not accept this payment, for exchange of the balance on my account then, I will forward this claim to a 3rd party how will, settle and close as prescribed by this contractual, agreement..."

Their offer, is your payment (receipt) while, your payment, is the deposit as credit due... Receipt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... A payable ( Accounts Payable Wikipedia, Encyclopedia ) is something made out TO YOU [public debt] while, a receivable ( Receivables - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) is made out to THEM [debt collections].. If, something is made payable to you (e.g. pay YOUR debt), you are the creator or the debt while, something, made payable to them (e.g. pay THEIR debt) they are the creator's of such a transaction.... 

So, the AFV is a base of 'correcting' your own accounting, practices (e.g. credit card debt, mortgage's, bail, taxation, ect)...

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Driver's Licence...

International driving is very simple and the reader, will have to take into consideration: The law speak's volume's on its own.. It doesn't take much explanation but, i'm posting here, on Money & Politics, a reliable resource, many, are simple asking for but, because of the volume of request's I decided to post the site's, information and redeem's in the course of the law, in its entirety..

This site, Convetion On Raod Traffic, explain's international law.

This site, Country, State, Nation - Definition of Country, State, and Nation and here: Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "country" is define as a "state". State's are contractor's when one territory has NO AUTHORITY in another without a form of contract like, a extradition on file, extradition law (internationally agreements), or extradition contracts define, here: Extradition law in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... (NOTE: Poland does not have a extradition treaties, with the US so, if you murder your wife, i'm not LEGALLY advising you of where you could hide)...

This site, Driving in Wisconsin With A Foreign driver's license - Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin "honors" the United Nation's Convention of Road Traffic (Geneva 1949)... NO INSURANCE, NO STATE CONTRACT (driver's licence), and NO OBLIGATION TO OBLIGE THE STATE YOU HAPPENED TO LIVE, IN.. ALL STATES 'honor' international law (check your states DMV policies..)

If you have friends or a friend, oversea's, ask them for their driver's licence plate number or have them get a duplicate of their plates... Sign a "peace treaty", look here: Treaty, register the plates on paper with the Deed's office then, send a NOTICE OF INTENT Notice of Intent Template to anyone you may be subjected to their so-called authenticity, authority.

Valid International Driver's License

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are oath's of all the judge's of Chancery Division.. The Chancery Division, is for mortgage claim's and this is a great way to keep those offical's "in line"...

Judges Oath Chicago

These document's, can be AFV (e.g. Accepted For Value) and properly administered for an EXCHANGE of rights, money, and anything offered and counter-offered via an verbal or testimonial contract (i.e. I accepted the offer of my constitutional rights for $50k (thousand) upon the oath of the expert witness in exchange and return for this court to ____________...) The "offer" has been be based on what counter-offer, is going to be made by the court or the opposite, side. 

More important is, the courts "expert witness" is the judge as provided, his oath (I haven't ordered the bond's of their office's, at this time).. The counter-offer is the monetarily "value" YOU CREATE for commercial purpose's (in exchange for the expert witness, to provide testimony or agree by testimony in which, all parties AGREE on the oath he or she, had been swore to uphold)..

The 'exchange and return' is what kind of redeem you are proposing, before the court. The judge WILL NOT go against his or her oath of office.. If, you attach it to your offer's, affidavit's, testimony, ect, as long as the language is based upon the offer, IN the offer and placed on the oath (its self), you'll have a UNDENIABLE CLAIM and COUNTER-CLAIM (i.e. default agreement in which, if the oath is NOT uphold, its in a defaulted CONTRACT OF LAW!) that, can collected on if, you get the bond of the judge, post a surety bond, bid bond or place some form of collateral by a investor on EACH CLAIM you make AGAINST the oath...

So, you have a contract (e.g. the oath of office) and if, you post some sort of bond, you have a FORM of payment to default that judge into, you have a fully disclosed FORFEITURE CLAIM if, the court doesn't favor your "cause"..

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Claims On Private Property (Testimony, Contracting, Public)

Private property is public property by state and local law. Let's take a look at public property, for a moment: Public Property ... Now, you ask yourself, Politics & MoneY has told me I want to stay OUT OF contracts with the state if, I want to keep claim's from arising for my personal benefits..

But, what if you want to USE the state for the BENEFIT of public property (private via a agreement)? Can't the sheriff, come on your land if, he or she gets a warrant (state contract but, its an actual state check for depositing limited liability parties such as a defendant: Warrant Is State Check ) for the BENEFIT OF THE STATE to do business, on private land (e.g. in an attempted to impair contracts like, a mortgage but, if you OFFER the waiver of jurisdiction of your property, your right[s] property, is NOT or HAS NOT been impaired).. 

The good part of this is, you have a right to make a claim in court, say, on a criminal trust-pass on the property..

You ask, how do I do that?

Say, you tell the DA (District Attorney) you want to 'testify' at the criminal's, trial. Now, you make the criminal an offer he or she WILL NOT REFUSE: Testify that, your property is public property and the people are the ONLY ONE'S that, can make a claim AGAINST IT.. 

What criminal wouldn't KNOWING he or she, will walk on such a crime (if, it was a violent crime, this isn't a good idea, for you!).. You can take a chance with a friend that, doesn't mind sitting in jail for a few day's but, the charges MAY stick! You can even use someone else's "dispute" which, you may be called as a witness and have his or her lawyer asked your address, last known address and if, your property is public OR private..

What does this do for your property, in general?

Well, you can take that same testimony and file (advertise) it in the local paper. What you do next is to easy: Write to the deed's office or office where the mortgage, loan or agreement is filed at to "adjust" the statue of YOUR public property....Commonly, in MOST state's you have to run the ad for at least 4 weeks... 

How does that keep you from foreclosed upon or keep the mortgage or loan company, from taking your place of residence??

Well, once the 'status' of your property is 'adjusted', the state is now, the claim/party when a company decides they want to TRY to foreclose.... This mean's, the AG (Attorney General) become's your not only your fiduciary but, LAWYER! 

Why have the AG, as your attorney? 

For one, the AG will uphold your rights as long as you have something like, his or her oath and bond (of office). Here's an example: A.G. Oath & Bond ..... This oath and bond mean's, they are contracted to UPHOLD your constitution and since, your private property has BECOME public, they have to serve and protect what they OWN (by constitutional offer ONLY!).. That happen's to be just one way but, to put it in a far more reaching light, you can USE the deed's office, the clerk of courts, the city clerk, the mayor, local politician's and vendor's, and any state contractor how you may have published as a party, to your public property.

What about your mortgage and their claim's? What about consolidating their offer's and court filings?

This is the reason for a public property CLAIM... The mortgage, loan, or agreement made between you and a company, will be non-negotiable as the state, has the FIRST CLAIM ON ITS PROPERTY.. Does that place you in a no-win situation? The AG, DA's office, Associate DA's, judge's, and anyone apart of the state's claim, would have to uphold not only state property but, their pledge you placed, in the paper (advisement)...

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funded By: Government!

This is about public monies, grants, and how they are written off the time, they are issued by the government.. You wonder: How does the IRS, have the money it need's to keep up such a fight over your money? The real answer is: They are funded with public monies (you pay their salaries to TAKE your money!).. 

Let's look here, for a moment: - Who is Eligible for a Grant Now, what agents are "eligible" via the status of the offer's, made to public agents and agency's?? Aside from small business's (which make's up 92% of the US's economic), the government's, you send your money too is funded for collection purpose's (in most case's).

So, what does that mean, for you?

Well, to have the government ADMIT it was funded with write off money mean's, bonds (bail bonds) in court case's, the bail becomes tax deductible (written off by the person, in jail). The payee Payee Accountant is the Defendant because, he or she RECEIVES SOMETHING of value (i.e. accepts liability by default) in exchange of a grant (written contract for debt collection PURPOSE'S).. A simple question like, "judge _________, is this court, funded by the government via some sort of grant for municipal purpose's??" He or she answer's "yes" its hook, line and sink'em!!

So, does this go for things like, hospital bill's? All you need it is in writing by their lawyer's or the legal staff.. You tell'em before, you state anything, "anything you or what you represent, state hereafter can and will be used against you, do you understand?" then, you ask them how they were funded by and which agency involved.... If, they say they were issued a grant and you have a recording device running (and they are of knowledge of said proceeding) you state, "well, sir/mam... I intend on reporting this grant (debt) funded account to the IRS as a deductible on my tax's and if, you intend on trying to COLLECT on this account, you'll have to pay tax's on my account as my account was ADJUSTED on receipt of this grant..."

To put in simple question: If, the agency sends you something to pay and write them, get them in a conversation while recording or have them forward whatever recording by them and their office's, you'll have the ONLY EVIDENCE that, show's that what their offering is grants for PRIVATE BENEFITS (i.e. your money!)...

As long as you file for the deductible FIRST, you win! Here is where you can look at what KIND's of grants are issued by government, again by, agents and agency's: Grant (Money) 

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Federal, State, And Government Loan's (How To Get Rid Of Them!)

Well, back again with another dose of 'reality'! This time, we're onto federal, state and local loan's made out by government bodies.. I have not only learned but, understand how to rid you of said, debt's but, to start you need to have what they offered you, in the first place.. Collect your data (personal information) and have this off-hand before, you proceed:

1) Receipts of all transactions or transactions that, took place to process the payment, credit, allocated debt or creation of liabilities, assumed, by the consumer of said, transaction;

2) Have (in writing if, possible) a written 'confirmation' of anything you've paid for (AGAIN, in writing!) from the agency, stating the claim;

3) A little time and confidence! 

What I have done is provided the IRS with the receipts as a 3rd party network payee, reporting 'payments' (e.g. credits) issued by the merchant but, redeemable by the creditor. I haven't learned how to redeem those credit's per say but, working on a contractual proxy, to 'lift the hold' on credit, issued and paid for by the merchant.. 

Here is the form you should take a careful look at for a better, understanding: IRS 1099-K Form and like usual, this is a day and life, in Politics & MoneY!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

NOTE TO ALL: This process, will kill ALL federal and state debt's where their are no levies on income, credit departure's, loan's, grants or sold debt (unless, its sold to another state or federal, agency).. Filing the form out will take a considerable amount of study as I, do not intend on handing out legal advice..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Selling Unclaimed Debt...

I've found a new way to "write off" debt, once more! It's theory (at this point) but, from the law's point-of-view, it look's VERY promising... (Also, I can guarantee, I can make it work without a hitch!!)

So, you don't want to pay tax's... You want to get rid of it, of course and claim's on debt (for instance, the IRS) is 'claimed' at the end of the year (in their, instance).... You take a ad out, in the paper stating something to this, effect:


Here's the State Of Illinois (for example): 770 ILCS 90-  Sale of Unclaimed Property Act.

Now, with the PUBLIC ON NOTICE, certified mailing of your "offer" to sell your debt[s] (e.g. the checks, debt instruments they send, and/or you received by your employer) to the IRS and a Fair Debt Practice Act, your ready to do what most have wet-dream's of doing: Selling the debt..

This is the easiest part of the process.. Before you attempted to sell the debt and its ran its legal amount of time (REQUIRED by your state's, law) you want to put a promissory note, in place. The idea is to collateralize the debt, with the note (i.e. promise to pay back the buying CREDITOR). When the note  is posted, you then, offer to sell your debt (of course, no one wants to literally buy IRS debt!). 

If, you have a friend, this will not FAIL YOU, NOW! You go into a auction house with the legit pretense of selling your note to a someone, in public. Once your up for sell, you'll take the note, you filed with the Deed's office and offer the debt's ON PROMISES TO PAY BACK (e.g. IOU's).. When the note is "secured" the first creditor will be your friend, the lien holder. This can be done with lien's, administrative debt's, and federal loan's (it'll take a little more law to pull private debt out of a rabbit hole)..

Again, if you have question's don't think twice on dropping me a line for a 'word of advice'. I want to advice anyone that, want's something for 'free', I just gave it to you, with the above (so, enjoy or you'll have to pay for the luxury of having it professional done by me, for you!)..

Like always, this is another day in, Politics & MoneY!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. All state's, has some sort of abandonment or sell clause, law's for allowing the publication, consolidation and sell of anything that, has NOT been presented with a claim to it as a form, of personal property..