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Saturday, May 28, 2011

BAR Card & Judges Compensation For His/Her Services...

Hello, reader's! Sorry, it has taken me so long to post my new journey's, efforts in defecting governance of people subjected to The People, or simple, not abandoned those that, love my writing's..

Well, here's some new stuff for my reader's, out there but, this writing and video (which will be deployed, later this afternoon) will be short, regrettably..

I had a client, in Wisconsin, to pull the BAR card (last month) of one, Judge James C. Babler, (hell of a name!! Ha, ha!) in the circuit court of Barron.. In doing so, he wrote to the Bar Association here: American Bar Association .

After requesting it, he received Monday. He has been stopped by a police officer's and has NEVER appeared before a judge.

What did he do, you ask?

He appointed the the judge fiduciary as "receiver" of his debt's... He wrote the judge, gave him 10 (ten) days with the judges Miranda Rights. After doing so, he wrote them telling them (again), confirming he would sign all debts, public and private, FOR the benefit of creditor's (i.e. debt collector's, prosecution's office, police officer's, state employee's, ect)...

In his pursuit to driving and beinging state debt free of debt (i.e. tax's, county collections), it has been a happy day for a good citzen, with the right intent!

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