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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling The Plaintiff As A 'Witness'...

Their are many way's, to have the government or state you live in, to 'detest' bothering such a person if, they know that you have some simple question's that, CAN NOT be answered. A few of those questions (in court) should be done with respect, stealth and common sense (most importantly!).

Now, to call the state or federal government to the stand, is like, asking a member of congress to, pull his own teeth: We all know, that would never happen.

But, what if, you ask the federal government, to "produce" or have the plaintiff, "take the stand, in its own defense", it become's VERY CLEAR, as to what the government HAS and what it CAN NOT DO. A deposition ( ), in some states, a MANDATE (federal & state) to produce the witness or a 'material (physical) witness' for test-my-money (e.g. testimony), based on discovery you want to USE FOR the benefit, can bring a form of relief of courts, pending its injunction of you to perform a duty, to argue your case.

The fine line between questioning the DA's "client" is one, I found on a simple questioning, of a Defendant on Law & Order, 3 months, prior to this posting. I will using this tactic, in a immigration case, in NC. I'm sure, I will find the results 'pleasing' *grinning*!

In any effects, enjoy this old dogs trick with the discovery, of its fruitful success and failure's at the hands on a common mind with a good soul! 

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off The Record!

Have you ever, heard a reporter or a judge say something (unannounced or unintended for the victim, the perp or the public eye) to the affect, ".. this if off the record..." or a journalistic person of interest, say's to a "undisclosed source" that, "whatever you say, off the record can't be held... against you..."??

Say, you want to drive WITHOUT your licence on you (or if, you don't have one at all like, myself!) and you call the police and ask one of the officer's if, their's ANY records of you, driving without a licence.. Like most public records, you record the conversation and when they say, they've found nothing you state, "well, while i'm driving (today) i'm going off the public record so, thanks for that confirmation and have a nice day!"

What you have done is ESTABLISHED a off the record "account" and what your GOING to do and what you FOUND that, you haven't done. 

Let's look at a prepaid card. You CAN NOT get the money unless, you DEPOSIT the money ON the account, right? If so, if their's NO RECORD of such an account, you get nothing but, you don't have a LIABILITY for a dime that, HAS NOT been received, right? That's how public records, work. If you deposit something into the record, you get a benefit (i.e. contract for public assistance, for private administrative care if you want it apart of the public record for your safety, tax's, property records, ect) in exchange, for the liability to the record, in and of its self.

So, establishing a NO RECORDS FOUND is like saying, their has been NO DEPOSITS FOR LIABILITIES, AT THIS TIME. The best part of it is, they record you record, you trasncript YOUR record and establish you are driving with no records of you, doing so.. 

Pretty cute, isn't it? Take a step further and you can even use the "benefit" of selling drugs (NOTE: I am NOT endorsing any claims!)  if, you ask the officer the SAME QUESTIONS under the dialog that, they (police) STATED A CLAIM in which NO RELIEF COULD BE GRANTED by the courts, you transcribed into the public records (in which, NO RECORDS WERE FOUND). Let's look at the definitions, themselves, for the words "off the record":

Now, lets look at the word "record": 

Interesting change in the words, themselves, aren't they? The words, "off the official record", can be used, as well.

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Conference Call!

I'll be hosting a 30 minute 'confernce' (of sorts) for those that, may have more question's then, anwser's based on my blog, my findings, ect. Please, join me June the 30th for my first conference! 

Any question's please feel free to send them to and i'll see if, I can get your question's answered, in a orderly, fashion!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Vacancy & What You Can Do!

Well, back again at the Famous Blog, Money & Politics! 

I've found some more good information AND a form of 'control' over government agent/agency. First, as you'll see in my YouTube video, I scratch on the edge of what you need in order to "fill" a public officials office. Here's a few things you MUST have:

1) A contract, like, the oath of office;

2) Get the bond, blanket fidelity agreement, or blank bond;

3) A public contract (number 1 or 2 or both) to execute a abandoned or vacant office..

If, another person "takes" the office, as long as the oath has not EXPIRED, they are "officially" still in office... Take Mr. Rep. Weiner, how, made the mistake of having a woman fall on his private..

I know, nasty joke but, thats what happen's under the cloak, of 'official business'.. Ha, ha!

Now, Mr. Weiner, may not be officially on the record (of office) but, if you make a claim, within 30 day's of a vacant office (to secure the position), you can make private claim's with that office... Here's how it can be used, by you:

Your the common person and a friend of your's, goes to jail. You send a copy of the oath and or bond or both (say, Mr. Weiner). Your friend, then, signs a affidavit having something like, "[NAME OF FRIEND] will act in the proper legal capacity of Senate Seat under [STATUE BASED ON STATUE]..."

For the most part, as long as the officer is out of office (resigned, fired, or death), doesn't have a oath or bond on file, or does not fill the REQUIREMENT's via statue, law, or constitutionality (if, a debt is not constitutional and you QUESTION the officer, does not ANSWER and you exhausted public speculation then, they have OFFERED to abandon or vacant their office, e.g. you can act on THEIR behalf or other's how want to do business with that official office)..

So, if you have a "weiner" (i.e. Ha, ha-er!) in your city, county, or state have fun taking their office if, they resign or forfeit their office and have a valid contract, of avail to PLEDGE the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of that official!

The Man- Political & MoneY