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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To "Plead" In Court...

First, when you GIVE a judge or a lawyer their Miranda Rights, if refute or state (on the record) that, his or her Miranda Rights are not in question, then, you have that person in your hand! How you ask? 

Well, state on in court when asked to "plead" and say, "I plead not guilty without recourse with prejudice..." Look  here: and here: ... What you've done is placed liablity on the judge and the lawyer trying to convict you.. Again, you say, how? 

Simply put: Law's are passed under "bills".. Bill's are payable to the people. The people pay the debt's.. Full circle..

Now, sense their's no liability for without recourse to be used, what if in fact, the judge and lawyer's go paid if you WERE liable? Look at the invoice, below..

State of Illinois Voucher                                                                                            

The language is OBVIOUS when read, properly: ... "...Sec. 1. This Act applies to any State official or agency authorized to provide for payment from State funds, by virtue of any appropriation of the General Assembly..." and "... For the purposes of this Act, "appropriate State official or agency" is defined as the Director or Chief Executive or his designee of that State agency or department or facility of such agency or department..." even the freaking appeal's "jump rope" with the state want's a piece of the pie to appeal a case, "....Sec. 3‑1. The Illinois Court of Claims shall, in its investigation of payments due claimants, provide for interest penalties as prescribed in this Act..."

Now, sense what KNOW what state "agency's" beinging discussed (state court, county courts, munincpals and even the federal courts!!) talking about, here is the MAIN PROBLEM: , The State's Comptroller....

Now, here is where it states that, a "warrant is a state check": I wrote that, some time ago in my blog (a few day's ago)... 

So, how does all this go together? I'll tell in short term's: The judge see's you, ask's you (offer's you) "what do you plead?" Once, you said, "not guilty" your presumed BY LAW, to be guilty so, he happily sign's a warrant for a FUTURE DATE (i.e. a pay check to himself, the attorney, and even, YOUR ATTORNEY!) to heard in his court... The judge, send's in a invoice for a undetermined amount and the "warrant" as passed off as a check with YOUR name on it (again, isn't the bill pass by the state, payable to the people on when a warrant is issued in YOUR NAME?) as "payee" and the state as "collections agent" (this goes for tax lien's, state loan's, state employee's, state debt's, and any state contract to any vendor doing business for or with the state).... 

The ONLY thing you did was "offer" your name with a "not guilty agreement" attached to it.... Something else, isn't it? If you still doing get it, look at a townhouse transcript. When they "open" everyone say's their name (does the judge, some time's, ask, "are you so-and-so for the record?")... The public has to know HOW is talking for them and HOW will be taxed, offered a redeem, or given chance to be heard in front of city, county, or municipality that, is holding the meeting... 

So, when you make a "statement" its like a bank statement: They (agents) literally, place your name on a warrant and proceed as if, you WANTED to be liable!!

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