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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten (10) Notice & Power Of Invitation!

Well, I have something 'new' (to the consuming, reader) but, something i've used for YEARS to keep LE (Law Enforcement) to keep off of me in many ways, more then one! I'm at a hotel, with a client doing a his tax's and figured, i'd give a 'dose' of law, while I was at it...

A ten (10) day notice is (See here, for the clause Due Process Clause ) is a perfect way to get the attention and RETAIN order, between you and LE... The idea is to GIVE your intent with a lawful grievance that, if they DO NOT (again, DO NOT!) state a claim, within ten day's, they FAILED to state a claim in which, equitable (lawful), can GRANT (grant is a state check to 'balance' YOUR account) relief to the parties...

Funny thing is, when they KNOW your intent and didn't arrest you (i.e. you give 10 day notice THEN, your drive your car without a licence NOT the other way around, silly!), they failed to 'state a claim'.. Once that is done, the people, how would handle that claim, should be sent the same and a deposit into somewhere like, the county register, should have the copy of your green slip's (returned green slips, for mailing), a copy of the notice, and a contract (if, you want to stop them from doing business FOR YOU, i.e. tax's, indirect tax's, in and out story credit on taxable item's, local property tax's, ect) if, you don't INTEND on paying any agent, for service "rendered" (i.e. rendered mean's, work that has already be done; e.g. defined as the following Work Done! )...

10 Day Notice

So, when you get that tax bill, their accounts, are already in balance because, their 'borrowing monies' from you causing the accounts to shift from payable (paid) to receivable (debt, paid). I have left you with a ten day notice and what and hope, you can manifest, your mean's to live a proper and satisfying life, form!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. Things like, this: Dinar Trade Currency In ARK with waivers given to the state representatives of ALL the claims (laws) made, against them! I wise, Ali Agha, was MY client!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lot, Parcel, & Tax On Property

I found STRONG EVIDENCE that, property, NOT by construction of a house or structure but, the property line, its self.. What I found wonderful (the law, of course!) is that, the property line is what your beginning taxed for..

Doesn't make sense, right?

Well, I found myself, watching a guy walk across 'private property' and in doing so, caught the attention of law enforcement.. In doing this "action", the prescribed asked him for his identification and he asked if, he had trespassed on the property ( ).. Conclusively, the cop was 'enlightened' of the circumstances surrounding the FACT he hadn't, in fact, trespass on the property, yet, he was ON the property ( )...

Now, how did that happen: Good question, right?

By looking at the county scripted parcel, he had been walking the on the boarder of the property line.. Something about that, made sense since the state, county or municipality ONLY tax's the people or person, for the property line in the definition on the property line, from which, tax's are paid on...

Does that include, structure's and private property via PRIVATE works such as, bank created property on parcel or lot?

Yes, it does! Funny thing is, in EVERY STATE if, ANYONE fails to pay the tax, for the parcel or lot (NOT, on the private property, settlement, or physical property, residing on the taxable LAND) it is INSTANTLY goes back to the state, via the county, municipality or court (which every that has it in escrow with the accountant, payer, or bank) via a lien (Example: )

How wonderful so, what does it do for ME?

Well, for one if, your in foreclosure and decide you'd like to stay on your property, using the parcel or lot as a legal description then, "selling" your future tax lien's, to a 3rd party while, allowing them to "act" the collection's agent, is next to be a injunction on PENDING FUTURE account receivables (NOTE: The tax bill, has to be in YOUR name or the name of supposed, owner, of the property!) (Example: ) This "injunction" acts as a 'buffer' from allowing anyone else, from making a claim on your property (e.g. trespassing on a contractors taxable commodity) as long as their is a lien holder, of some kind, on public record...

Are we, suspending, the rights of the bank or receiver, of a mortgage in some way, shape, form or fashion?

Not exactly (they can proceed, in foreclosure) but, a lien, on the parcel or lot, is a MANDATE.. No law, superseding the course of law, is to be had where the state, is still in its collections 'efforts'... Make it better is, say, the physical property is 'worth' $400k (thousand) and the tax bill is, say, $4k (thousand)... Now, if you don't pay it, the state can come in and have the bank, 'transfer' the note to them too BALANCE their accounts..

What the DIFFERENCE, on $396k (thousand)? The system is gorgeous (nice looking woman), isn't it?!!? lol

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reporting Credit, Where Their Is 'Creditably' Or 'Creditworthiness'

So, you wonder what you can have as a plus, on your credit report, in which has not been reported, huh? Reporting 'positive' credit, has too be done, by the reporting agency (such as a bank, loan office, or credit company) to the 3 bureaus under the Fair Debt Reporting Act.. Here are just a few agencies, commonly over-looked and WHY, they would have to report such credit, in dispute:

1) Check Is Line Of Credit - A check, is negotiable so, as too give you a line of credit, the words, "Paid On Credit On Account SSN XXX-XX-XXXX" turn's your check into a 'debt paid' and is reportable, by the bank or issuing institution or even for that matter, the 'maker' of the check.

2) Contract Is A Form Of Payment - Contracts, fall right (smack dead in the middle!) of negotiable instrumentality, whereis, a contract if paid in full, is unreported and the agency, person or business, paid on receipt should report it at the cost of the consumer..  

3) Federal Credit Is Paid In Full (Finance) - A Federal Reserve Note ("FRN") is nothing short of a contract with NO signor except the Treasury and his or her counter-signor (on the dollar). This is a "consumers product" and the fed sell's them, every day to raise "indirect taxation" for the exchange and 'privilege' of handling, such a commodity. This is reportable as long as the receipt for the transaction, is withheld for the PURPOSE of reporting your line of credit (I have 2 clients, filing their receipts with the 3 credit bureaus as a 'dispute' and the agency's, handling those receipts, are in fact, reporting in concert with the creditor, you!).

4) Negotiable Instrument Is Credit - Negotiable Instrument's have been deemed, FRN's, Bank Notes, Discounted Face Value contracts (IRS 1040, mics, devalued accounts payable's, ect), and any negotiable instrument, reduced (credit) or increased (debit) on a payee and reportable, by the instrumentalist (you) or by your representative (the reporting company).

5) Lease Is A Short-Term Mortgage - If, you've every had a lease or lease contract before, it may state that, under the Fair Debt Collections Act they can report you to the 3 credit  bureaus if, you DO NOT fulfill the contract, and its stipulations.

Their is a LONG list of those that, has not or choose not too send, file and report your credit creditworthiness but, you have a chance to REDEEM yourself and other's if, you like!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OID Process & Reduced Debt

Most people, doing the OID process, is nothing short of issuing a line of credit, to yourself..... The OID process has one thing missing that, has sent MANY people to jail and prison: Discharging the BEFORE its deposited, credited or paid out to the consumer of that alleged debt...

A satisfaction of judgement,  here: Satisfaction Of Judgment allow's one to "discharge" public and private debt but, it has to be "structures" in a agreement which has to be legally "owned" to someone (by default, contract, or agreement)..... You could even give the bailiff, your 'offer' and if, the Plaintiff (in which, is in the same ploy and will discharge your debt) agrees to the check or balance your OID 'produced' then, and only then, can you offset and 'balance' your IRS, books.

Here: U.C.C. - ARTICLE 3 -§3-311. is basic and textbook in defaulting agreement's that, if you agree upon satisfaction of the "good faith and tender" the debt will be "satisfied in full"..

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. To "fast forward" the process, a confession of judgement, here: Confession Of Judgement can make things happen, very fast and can get things moving with quick speed...

Monday, March 26, 2012

1933 & Government Sponsorship....

Back, again and something with a little 'excitement' to it! Here, Federal Government receipts and expenditures you'll find that, the government, has been "exercising", "fixed income contracts (deducible)" and "surplus supply called a product (money)" in which, the government and state government's, USE money to collateralize payment's to the public and privately, CREATE a short-term inflation..

If you check the interest payments:
Interest payments
 you ask yourself, "how do you 'pay' for a product that, creates more credit then, it spends in repayment (reconstruction) of a solicited part of a government program?"

The REAL answer too that is, no other nation, has ANY IDEA how we use money to sell what we don't have (receipts for balance of contracts) and pay on something TO EXPENSIVE to create in the first place (dollar is worth 0.67 cent BELOW its value making it so UNREMARKABLE, its marked down thru treasury's sells that, 80% of the sell's results in the lowest denominational principals of say,  4% of over all receipts that, the people of the US, pay close to $1,300.00 on $600.00 of the income, they MAKE [create])...If a "local" product (gold, silver, pledge, contract or some FORM of barter) isn't 'installed' soon, this (products, don't stay on the same wave length, EVERY when 2 market places are trying to meet for establishments, sake!) can and WILL happen, to local and unforensic privilege for the federal government: Gross Domestic Product, Inflation-Adjusted Percent Change - Arizona Indicators

Math is the concept of all concession's if, science, can be manipulated by manufacturing numbers! 

The Man- Politics & MoneY