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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reporting Credit, Where Their Is 'Creditably' Or 'Creditworthiness'

So, you wonder what you can have as a plus, on your credit report, in which has not been reported, huh? Reporting 'positive' credit, has too be done, by the reporting agency (such as a bank, loan office, or credit company) to the 3 bureaus under the Fair Debt Reporting Act.. Here are just a few agencies, commonly over-looked and WHY, they would have to report such credit, in dispute:

1) Check Is Line Of Credit - A check, is negotiable so, as too give you a line of credit, the words, "Paid On Credit On Account SSN XXX-XX-XXXX" turn's your check into a 'debt paid' and is reportable, by the bank or issuing institution or even for that matter, the 'maker' of the check.

2) Contract Is A Form Of Payment - Contracts, fall right (smack dead in the middle!) of negotiable instrumentality, whereis, a contract if paid in full, is unreported and the agency, person or business, paid on receipt should report it at the cost of the consumer..  

3) Federal Credit Is Paid In Full (Finance) - A Federal Reserve Note ("FRN") is nothing short of a contract with NO signor except the Treasury and his or her counter-signor (on the dollar). This is a "consumers product" and the fed sell's them, every day to raise "indirect taxation" for the exchange and 'privilege' of handling, such a commodity. This is reportable as long as the receipt for the transaction, is withheld for the PURPOSE of reporting your line of credit (I have 2 clients, filing their receipts with the 3 credit bureaus as a 'dispute' and the agency's, handling those receipts, are in fact, reporting in concert with the creditor, you!).

4) Negotiable Instrument Is Credit - Negotiable Instrument's have been deemed, FRN's, Bank Notes, Discounted Face Value contracts (IRS 1040, mics, devalued accounts payable's, ect), and any negotiable instrument, reduced (credit) or increased (debit) on a payee and reportable, by the instrumentalist (you) or by your representative (the reporting company).

5) Lease Is A Short-Term Mortgage - If, you've every had a lease or lease contract before, it may state that, under the Fair Debt Collections Act they can report you to the 3 credit  bureaus if, you DO NOT fulfill the contract, and its stipulations.

Their is a LONG list of those that, has not or choose not too send, file and report your credit creditworthiness but, you have a chance to REDEEM yourself and other's if, you like!

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