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Monday, March 26, 2012

1933 & Government Sponsorship....

Back, again and something with a little 'excitement' to it! Here, Federal Government receipts and expenditures you'll find that, the government, has been "exercising", "fixed income contracts (deducible)" and "surplus supply called a product (money)" in which, the government and state government's, USE money to collateralize payment's to the public and privately, CREATE a short-term inflation..

If you check the interest payments:
Interest payments
 you ask yourself, "how do you 'pay' for a product that, creates more credit then, it spends in repayment (reconstruction) of a solicited part of a government program?"

The REAL answer too that is, no other nation, has ANY IDEA how we use money to sell what we don't have (receipts for balance of contracts) and pay on something TO EXPENSIVE to create in the first place (dollar is worth 0.67 cent BELOW its value making it so UNREMARKABLE, its marked down thru treasury's sells that, 80% of the sell's results in the lowest denominational principals of say,  4% of over all receipts that, the people of the US, pay close to $1,300.00 on $600.00 of the income, they MAKE [create])...If a "local" product (gold, silver, pledge, contract or some FORM of barter) isn't 'installed' soon, this (products, don't stay on the same wave length, EVERY when 2 market places are trying to meet for establishments, sake!) can and WILL happen, to local and unforensic privilege for the federal government: Gross Domestic Product, Inflation-Adjusted Percent Change - Arizona Indicators

Math is the concept of all concession's if, science, can be manipulated by manufacturing numbers! 

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