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Friday, September 12, 2014

Lets Make Money: Documentary On Using Tax Money To INCREASE Private Gains

Watched a GREAT documentary this morning and this explains, what the world bank does to domestically STRIPE the rights, benefits and liberties from others in the "natural course" (as they say it, in the investor world) of doing business at the cost, of levying governments. Domestic and foreign policies would ensure that, the monopoly of corporate exploits and creation of government overseeing obligations against its OWN PEOPLE, manufactures OBSTRUCTION OF SOVEREIGN POWERS over a state, jurisdictional venue or worst: Become corporate to SPONSOR the loses, of ones states fortunes (IRS, federal government, state government, municipal and city policy holders, etc)  to another to compensate the THIEF of 3rd world finances and properties for the capital use of corporate, finances...

Generally speaking, a disgusting business practice MOST of my researchers should know while watching this information...

Prof. Phil

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