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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Political Vacancy & What You Can Do!

Well, back again at the Famous Blog, Money & Politics! 

I've found some more good information AND a form of 'control' over government agent/agency. First, as you'll see in my YouTube video, I scratch on the edge of what you need in order to "fill" a public officials office. Here's a few things you MUST have:

1) A contract, like, the oath of office;

2) Get the bond, blanket fidelity agreement, or blank bond;

3) A public contract (number 1 or 2 or both) to execute a abandoned or vacant office..

If, another person "takes" the office, as long as the oath has not EXPIRED, they are "officially" still in office... Take Mr. Rep. Weiner, how, made the mistake of having a woman fall on his private..

I know, nasty joke but, thats what happen's under the cloak, of 'official business'.. Ha, ha!

Now, Mr. Weiner, may not be officially on the record (of office) but, if you make a claim, within 30 day's of a vacant office (to secure the position), you can make private claim's with that office... Here's how it can be used, by you:

Your the common person and a friend of your's, goes to jail. You send a copy of the oath and or bond or both (say, Mr. Weiner). Your friend, then, signs a affidavit having something like, "[NAME OF FRIEND] will act in the proper legal capacity of Senate Seat under [STATUE BASED ON STATUE]..."

For the most part, as long as the officer is out of office (resigned, fired, or death), doesn't have a oath or bond on file, or does not fill the REQUIREMENT's via statue, law, or constitutionality (if, a debt is not constitutional and you QUESTION the officer, does not ANSWER and you exhausted public speculation then, they have OFFERED to abandon or vacant their office, e.g. you can act on THEIR behalf or other's how want to do business with that official office)..

So, if you have a "weiner" (i.e. Ha, ha-er!) in your city, county, or state have fun taking their office if, they resign or forfeit their office and have a valid contract, of avail to PLEDGE the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of that official!

The Man- Political & MoneY

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