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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling The Plaintiff As A 'Witness'...

Their are many way's, to have the government or state you live in, to 'detest' bothering such a person if, they know that you have some simple question's that, CAN NOT be answered. A few of those questions (in court) should be done with respect, stealth and common sense (most importantly!).

Now, to call the state or federal government to the stand, is like, asking a member of congress to, pull his own teeth: We all know, that would never happen.

But, what if, you ask the federal government, to "produce" or have the plaintiff, "take the stand, in its own defense", it become's VERY CLEAR, as to what the government HAS and what it CAN NOT DO. A deposition ( ), in some states, a MANDATE (federal & state) to produce the witness or a 'material (physical) witness' for test-my-money (e.g. testimony), based on discovery you want to USE FOR the benefit, can bring a form of relief of courts, pending its injunction of you to perform a duty, to argue your case.

The fine line between questioning the DA's "client" is one, I found on a simple questioning, of a Defendant on Law & Order, 3 months, prior to this posting. I will using this tactic, in a immigration case, in NC. I'm sure, I will find the results 'pleasing' *grinning*!

In any effects, enjoy this old dogs trick with the discovery, of its fruitful success and failure's at the hands on a common mind with a good soul! 

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