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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off The Record!

Have you ever, heard a reporter or a judge say something (unannounced or unintended for the victim, the perp or the public eye) to the affect, ".. this if off the record..." or a journalistic person of interest, say's to a "undisclosed source" that, "whatever you say, off the record can't be held... against you..."??

Say, you want to drive WITHOUT your licence on you (or if, you don't have one at all like, myself!) and you call the police and ask one of the officer's if, their's ANY records of you, driving without a licence.. Like most public records, you record the conversation and when they say, they've found nothing you state, "well, while i'm driving (today) i'm going off the public record so, thanks for that confirmation and have a nice day!"

What you have done is ESTABLISHED a off the record "account" and what your GOING to do and what you FOUND that, you haven't done. 

Let's look at a prepaid card. You CAN NOT get the money unless, you DEPOSIT the money ON the account, right? If so, if their's NO RECORD of such an account, you get nothing but, you don't have a LIABILITY for a dime that, HAS NOT been received, right? That's how public records, work. If you deposit something into the record, you get a benefit (i.e. contract for public assistance, for private administrative care if you want it apart of the public record for your safety, tax's, property records, ect) in exchange, for the liability to the record, in and of its self.

So, establishing a NO RECORDS FOUND is like saying, their has been NO DEPOSITS FOR LIABILITIES, AT THIS TIME. The best part of it is, they record you record, you trasncript YOUR record and establish you are driving with no records of you, doing so.. 

Pretty cute, isn't it? Take a step further and you can even use the "benefit" of selling drugs (NOTE: I am NOT endorsing any claims!)  if, you ask the officer the SAME QUESTIONS under the dialog that, they (police) STATED A CLAIM in which NO RELIEF COULD BE GRANTED by the courts, you transcribed into the public records (in which, NO RECORDS WERE FOUND). Let's look at the definitions, themselves, for the words "off the record":

Now, lets look at the word "record": 

Interesting change in the words, themselves, aren't they? The words, "off the official record", can be used, as well.

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