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Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Claims On Private Property (Testimony, Contracting, Public)

Private property is public property by state and local law. Let's take a look at public property, for a moment: Public Property ... Now, you ask yourself, Politics & MoneY has told me I want to stay OUT OF contracts with the state if, I want to keep claim's from arising for my personal benefits..

But, what if you want to USE the state for the BENEFIT of public property (private via a agreement)? Can't the sheriff, come on your land if, he or she gets a warrant (state contract but, its an actual state check for depositing limited liability parties such as a defendant: Warrant Is State Check ) for the BENEFIT OF THE STATE to do business, on private land (e.g. in an attempted to impair contracts like, a mortgage but, if you OFFER the waiver of jurisdiction of your property, your right[s] property, is NOT or HAS NOT been impaired).. 

The good part of this is, you have a right to make a claim in court, say, on a criminal trust-pass on the property..

You ask, how do I do that?

Say, you tell the DA (District Attorney) you want to 'testify' at the criminal's, trial. Now, you make the criminal an offer he or she WILL NOT REFUSE: Testify that, your property is public property and the people are the ONLY ONE'S that, can make a claim AGAINST IT.. 

What criminal wouldn't KNOWING he or she, will walk on such a crime (if, it was a violent crime, this isn't a good idea, for you!).. You can take a chance with a friend that, doesn't mind sitting in jail for a few day's but, the charges MAY stick! You can even use someone else's "dispute" which, you may be called as a witness and have his or her lawyer asked your address, last known address and if, your property is public OR private..

What does this do for your property, in general?

Well, you can take that same testimony and file (advertise) it in the local paper. What you do next is to easy: Write to the deed's office or office where the mortgage, loan or agreement is filed at to "adjust" the statue of YOUR public property....Commonly, in MOST state's you have to run the ad for at least 4 weeks... 

How does that keep you from foreclosed upon or keep the mortgage or loan company, from taking your place of residence??

Well, once the 'status' of your property is 'adjusted', the state is now, the claim/party when a company decides they want to TRY to foreclose.... This mean's, the AG (Attorney General) become's your not only your fiduciary but, LAWYER! 

Why have the AG, as your attorney? 

For one, the AG will uphold your rights as long as you have something like, his or her oath and bond (of office). Here's an example: A.G. Oath & Bond ..... This oath and bond mean's, they are contracted to UPHOLD your constitution and since, your private property has BECOME public, they have to serve and protect what they OWN (by constitutional offer ONLY!).. That happen's to be just one way but, to put it in a far more reaching light, you can USE the deed's office, the clerk of courts, the city clerk, the mayor, local politician's and vendor's, and any state contractor how you may have published as a party, to your public property.

What about your mortgage and their claim's? What about consolidating their offer's and court filings?

This is the reason for a public property CLAIM... The mortgage, loan, or agreement made between you and a company, will be non-negotiable as the state, has the FIRST CLAIM ON ITS PROPERTY.. Does that place you in a no-win situation? The AG, DA's office, Associate DA's, judge's, and anyone apart of the state's claim, would have to uphold not only state property but, their pledge you placed, in the paper (advisement)...

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