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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are oath's of all the judge's of Chancery Division.. The Chancery Division, is for mortgage claim's and this is a great way to keep those offical's "in line"...

Judges Oath Chicago

These document's, can be AFV (e.g. Accepted For Value) and properly administered for an EXCHANGE of rights, money, and anything offered and counter-offered via an verbal or testimonial contract (i.e. I accepted the offer of my constitutional rights for $50k (thousand) upon the oath of the expert witness in exchange and return for this court to ____________...) The "offer" has been be based on what counter-offer, is going to be made by the court or the opposite, side. 

More important is, the courts "expert witness" is the judge as provided, his oath (I haven't ordered the bond's of their office's, at this time).. The counter-offer is the monetarily "value" YOU CREATE for commercial purpose's (in exchange for the expert witness, to provide testimony or agree by testimony in which, all parties AGREE on the oath he or she, had been swore to uphold)..

The 'exchange and return' is what kind of redeem you are proposing, before the court. The judge WILL NOT go against his or her oath of office.. If, you attach it to your offer's, affidavit's, testimony, ect, as long as the language is based upon the offer, IN the offer and placed on the oath (its self), you'll have a UNDENIABLE CLAIM and COUNTER-CLAIM (i.e. default agreement in which, if the oath is NOT uphold, its in a defaulted CONTRACT OF LAW!) that, can collected on if, you get the bond of the judge, post a surety bond, bid bond or place some form of collateral by a investor on EACH CLAIM you make AGAINST the oath...

So, you have a contract (e.g. the oath of office) and if, you post some sort of bond, you have a FORM of payment to default that judge into, you have a fully disclosed FORFEITURE CLAIM if, the court doesn't favor your "cause"..

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