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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funded By: Government!

This is about public monies, grants, and how they are written off the time, they are issued by the government.. You wonder: How does the IRS, have the money it need's to keep up such a fight over your money? The real answer is: They are funded with public monies (you pay their salaries to TAKE your money!).. 

Let's look here, for a moment: - Who is Eligible for a Grant Now, what agents are "eligible" via the status of the offer's, made to public agents and agency's?? Aside from small business's (which make's up 92% of the US's economic), the government's, you send your money too is funded for collection purpose's (in most case's).

So, what does that mean, for you?

Well, to have the government ADMIT it was funded with write off money mean's, bonds (bail bonds) in court case's, the bail becomes tax deductible (written off by the person, in jail). The payee Payee Accountant is the Defendant because, he or she RECEIVES SOMETHING of value (i.e. accepts liability by default) in exchange of a grant (written contract for debt collection PURPOSE'S).. A simple question like, "judge _________, is this court, funded by the government via some sort of grant for municipal purpose's??" He or she answer's "yes" its hook, line and sink'em!!

So, does this go for things like, hospital bill's? All you need it is in writing by their lawyer's or the legal staff.. You tell'em before, you state anything, "anything you or what you represent, state hereafter can and will be used against you, do you understand?" then, you ask them how they were funded by and which agency involved.... If, they say they were issued a grant and you have a recording device running (and they are of knowledge of said proceeding) you state, "well, sir/mam... I intend on reporting this grant (debt) funded account to the IRS as a deductible on my tax's and if, you intend on trying to COLLECT on this account, you'll have to pay tax's on my account as my account was ADJUSTED on receipt of this grant..."

To put in simple question: If, the agency sends you something to pay and write them, get them in a conversation while recording or have them forward whatever recording by them and their office's, you'll have the ONLY EVIDENCE that, show's that what their offering is grants for PRIVATE BENEFITS (i.e. your money!)...

As long as you file for the deductible FIRST, you win! Here is where you can look at what KIND's of grants are issued by government, again by, agents and agency's: Grant (Money) 

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