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Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Driver's Licence...

International driving is very simple and the reader, will have to take into consideration: The law speak's volume's on its own.. It doesn't take much explanation but, i'm posting here, on Money & Politics, a reliable resource, many, are simple asking for but, because of the volume of request's I decided to post the site's, information and redeem's in the course of the law, in its entirety..

This site, Convetion On Raod Traffic, explain's international law.

This site, Country, State, Nation - Definition of Country, State, and Nation and here: Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "country" is define as a "state". State's are contractor's when one territory has NO AUTHORITY in another without a form of contract like, a extradition on file, extradition law (internationally agreements), or extradition contracts define, here: Extradition law in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... (NOTE: Poland does not have a extradition treaties, with the US so, if you murder your wife, i'm not LEGALLY advising you of where you could hide)...

This site, Driving in Wisconsin With A Foreign driver's license - Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin "honors" the United Nation's Convention of Road Traffic (Geneva 1949)... NO INSURANCE, NO STATE CONTRACT (driver's licence), and NO OBLIGATION TO OBLIGE THE STATE YOU HAPPENED TO LIVE, IN.. ALL STATES 'honor' international law (check your states DMV policies..)

If you have friends or a friend, oversea's, ask them for their driver's licence plate number or have them get a duplicate of their plates... Sign a "peace treaty", look here: Treaty, register the plates on paper with the Deed's office then, send a NOTICE OF INTENT Notice of Intent Template to anyone you may be subjected to their so-called authenticity, authority.

Valid International Driver's License

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