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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Federal, State, And Government Loan's (How To Get Rid Of Them!)

Well, back again with another dose of 'reality'! This time, we're onto federal, state and local loan's made out by government bodies.. I have not only learned but, understand how to rid you of said, debt's but, to start you need to have what they offered you, in the first place.. Collect your data (personal information) and have this off-hand before, you proceed:

1) Receipts of all transactions or transactions that, took place to process the payment, credit, allocated debt or creation of liabilities, assumed, by the consumer of said, transaction;

2) Have (in writing if, possible) a written 'confirmation' of anything you've paid for (AGAIN, in writing!) from the agency, stating the claim;

3) A little time and confidence! 

What I have done is provided the IRS with the receipts as a 3rd party network payee, reporting 'payments' (e.g. credits) issued by the merchant but, redeemable by the creditor. I haven't learned how to redeem those credit's per say but, working on a contractual proxy, to 'lift the hold' on credit, issued and paid for by the merchant.. 

Here is the form you should take a careful look at for a better, understanding: IRS 1099-K Form and like usual, this is a day and life, in Politics & MoneY!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

NOTE TO ALL: This process, will kill ALL federal and state debt's where their are no levies on income, credit departure's, loan's, grants or sold debt (unless, its sold to another state or federal, agency).. Filing the form out will take a considerable amount of study as I, do not intend on handing out legal advice..

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