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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Speaking To A Police Officer After Beinging Stopped (In A Foreign State)

If you are stopped, by the police and you intend, driving with a licence (from another state), this should help you, in your travel's.. If you have a licence from say, Idaho and going to be driving, on a regular base's, in say, Ohio, you should get the pay 'schedule' that, you had to pay under from your state [Idaho example ]. You also should get, the statues, for having to have, the driver's licence, in the first place!

An EXTRA: Send a letter to the police or the department of transportation (in the state, the licence was issued, in) and politely, ask them if, "... is Idaho, the official place, my licence was issued from?" This is called, proma face evidence (look here: ).. If unrebutted, it become's FACT.. If you want to travel in your home state but, do not want to be 'subjected' to their jurisdiction's, fine's, and allocation's to meet state payroll, then, you get a licence AND register your car or vehicle, in another state..

Now, on to giving NOTICE..

When you all ready, registered, paper's from the DMV, and statues providing, your driving IN, your state in which your licence was issued from, you'll need to make copies but, make sure, they are CERTIFIED by the state in which, the licence was issued, from..

With the certification, of each document and print out (from the DMV, also, should be certified by, the state), you should proceed, to send a letter, with a Miranda Warning, to the state police in which, jurisdiction, you INTEND on using.. [UGLY REMINDER TO READER: If, you go into another 'zone', 'jurisdiction', or 'territory' and you HAVE NOT given official notice to the police, mayor, and an municipal official that, can charge or political fine you for any violation, this is not MY fault, it will be: YOUR's]. Post your notice, statues, and licence paper's (ALL certified by the state) on the side panel of your back window or your backdoor, of your car.

Now, once you've "served" those people, keep in mind, you have to wait 10 (ten) day's BEFORE, you intend, on USING/benefiting, the road. Here is what you should say, if stopped or question, in the event, you have done something or nothing, wrong..

"Hello, i'm traveling under state [statue or rules] which, are posted on my car's window (point to it) from state of [driver's ID state] and traveling from [this location] to [that location] from [show him ID location on your NOTICE on the window].... i given proper notice to the authority's in THIS jurisdiction, 10 days, via due process of law prior to my travels.. i was neither, given notice that, i could not do so or given notice, of inproper jurisdictional infringement if, their was a obligation, not to do so..."

If done properly, the police or state agency (how, you gave those notice's, too) do not have the right to search your car (WITHOUT a warrant), has to get a out-of-state warrant in order to search your car, AND has no jurisdiction, to do so under any 'respects' of THEIR law..

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