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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

De-Fund Local Agents From Your Home!!

Well, i'm back with a new segment, early in the morning! A old client of mine ask me, ".. how can I get the police, from coming into my home no matter, the problem may be..?" I intrusted in him, a simple method, I helped a family member use to keep ".. those people, away.." is what he, stated..

I said, no problem. I told him, to write a letter stating, (directed to the police) that, "he no longer needed their service or assistance, anything should happen.. Simple letter but, to insure, he would not have to worry about someone 'calling' from that number, he added 911 on the (federal) Do Not Call Register and No Call List (state) in which, saved him money, at the same time!

As long as a cell phone wasn't used, in his home, police, had NO RIGHT to "act" on a complaint, at the location.. Of course, they can 'use' a "well beinging check", to enact a form of observation of the property but, unless, they were given a warrant (by a court), they had NO RIGHTS to go onto the property.. 

Here is how their funded:

"In the United States, 9-1-1 and enhanced 9-1-1 are typically funded based on state laws that impose monthly fees on local and wireless telephone customers. In Canada, a similar fee for service structure is regulated by the federal Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Depending on the location, counties and cities may also levy a fee, which may be in addition to, or in lieu of, the state feeThe fees are collected by local telephone and wireless carriers through monthly surcharges on customer telephone bills. The collected fees are remitted to 9-1-1 administrative bodies, which may be statewide 9-1-1 boards, state public utility commissions, state revenue departments, or local 911 agencies.[24]These agencies disburse the funds to the Public Safety Answering Points for 9-1-1 purposes as specified in the various statutes. Telephone companies in the United States, including wireless carriers, may be entitled to apply for and receive reimbursements for costs of their compliance with federal and state laws requiring that their networks be compatible with 9-1-1 and enhanced 9-1-1. This is also true in Canada.
Fees vary widely by locality. They may range from around $.25 per month to $3.00 per month, per line.[25] The average wireless 9-1-1 fee in the United States, based on the fees for each state as published by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), is around $.72. Since monthly fees do not vary based on the customer's usage of the network, the fees are considered, in tax terms, as highly "regressive", i.e., the fees disproportionately burden low-volume users of the public switched network (PSN) as compared with high-volume users. Some states cap the number of lines subject to the fee for large multi-line businesses, thereby shifting more of the fee burden to low-volume single-line residential customers or wireless customers."

This (above) show's you, you are a "customer, of the state" (in term's, of collecting fee's to pay for county 'services')!!

Don't get me wrong: Their are a few things you WILL NOT be able to use, there after.. Such as, emergency help, someone injured on the property, and other form's of 'assistance'.. 

This is the 'rationalized legal works' of people how, didn't care about having a "protection agency" looking out for their property value: Just to keep them from ruining them as common people, was it. To set forth in this venture, for people, i've done work for is a easy illustration of 'combating' outside elements of the state and local problem's, some seem to feel their fit without.. 

And if, you want them out of your neighborhood (all together) ban together, with however you live with, around, and how is within your jurisdictional "zone", "ward", or "county line" and have them all sign a petition to "withdraw, from contributions of to the Police Pension Fund and or the county and municipal budgets and or CARF as define in [YOU'LL HAVE TO LOOK UP THE STATUE], in regards, to our community..." This is regulated (commonly) by the comptroller (New York & Chicago, as an example: )...

What you'd be doing is "stopping their growth". That and their retirement, of the community they "serve", is a slap in the face as well as a decrease PRESENCE in your local city or municipality.. 

Now, what does this mean, for you? Well, for one, stop funding the CARF or Pension funds of these organization (if, your paying into or not, as long as you take up legal residence for 30 days or more, you can sign a petition) will keep them out of your neighborhoods and will give some form of strength to the people that, used to call them "the streets". Second, the comfort of your own home or a dim lit street corner, you might feel comfortable on, give's a common pleasure, of relaxation (even, if their is a fuse in the home) and a utopian justice of non-badger of your utopian state, some empowerment that you can lax with your friends or hold a conversation for more then 10 minutes without the discomforting eye's, of beinging the "birds prey"..

Just a state of freedom, to a certain extent, i'd say!!

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