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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Challenge Bill's & Voting Rights..

I've challenged many law's and its easiest way to go head-on with politician's, lawyer's, judges and private official's (federal), one only has to ask ONE QUESTION: Did I vote for that bill?

The reality is simple, if your not a SIGNATURED PARTY then, your are not liable! I had to leave Tampa, Florida after beating the courts in 16 case's (now, in which the case's are under seal by the great judge Sean O. Cadigan) how, felt, I was a 'threat to the publics safety and my legal advice, could been taken as historical but, misappropriations of administrative monies [meaning, I was cutting into his pay check via the bench!] that... could have caused such unnerving, the DOJ, may have to had bailed the circuit court of the thirteenth district..."

What he was saying is, when I had someone go in on say, child-support, I had BOTH PARTIES AGREEING that, the bill appropriated to be USED AGAINST my client, would be payable to the plaintiff....

That was just one end of the spectrum... Now, what the courts REALLY DIDN'T LIKE is when my clients were told to ask, "did I vote for this bill?", "your honor, do you SUPPORT this bill?" and my favorite, "sense, I have not signed this bill, I am going to ask, the court, in which I have opened a new case to have the govnor ANSWER to my swore affidavit that, he DID NOT vote for me under which bill, would HARM ME without my constitutionally right beinging taken into consideration, in this case..." 

Case after case, thrown out because, to tell a judge, you did not vote FOR THE RIGHT or vote FOR THE BENEFIT mean's, the court, CAN NOT ACT out of scoop of the bill if, it does not benefit the state (i.e. you didn't vote for it so, HOW can you be provided a redeem if, the state did not get a signature to OBLIGATE YOU to the cause, action, law, or within the budget)? The great part, as far as this 'tool' is concerned, is the court is acting under THE SAME bankruptcy of 1933 that, FDR assumed and ushered into public policy (NOT public law, big difference). Take a peep, here: 

What this all mean's is that, a law is BILLED TO THE PEOPLE and the debt 'rations', payable to the agents are for processing and administrative off setting of their book's.. If the bill is 'challenged' and the court, CAN NOT PROVIDE a lawful agreement between the defendant (the debtor) and the plaintiff (the creditor) then, the state, has to REDUCE ITS DEBT RATIONS minus, fee's payable to the court's... 

The Fair Debt Collections Act (here: ) can be USED, as well because, as consumer of the courts (a party or claimit is a CLIENT or a CUSTOMER of the courts) we have the same rights NOT to be mandated unless, we have signed something... Bill's are passed and signed by the state or federal government, you didn't sign the bill, the courts are debt collector's for public trustee's (e.g. police, state representatives, congressman, federal official's, ect), AND you are a public creditor 'paying' bill's you may not have signed for!

Their will be YouTube video's that, will explain these process's, in better detail[s]! Write, text, or email if you or someone you know, may or is a victim, of the system..

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