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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Using An Embassy Address For Tax Purpose's & Other Form's Of Tax Redeem's..

This is proable the EASIEST THING to do an an effort to 'withdraw' from the tax system... Look for a nation that, is NOT KNOW (you'll have to do your own research! but, i'll give one for those not worthy of 'thinking': Poland) for taxing federally...

Now, look for a Embassy, in the US... Here's is the Embassy for Poland. and here:

The best part about Poland is, it DOES NOT have a extradition 'treaty', with america!! So, whats next?

Go to get a new state ID but, first, you need a letter to be 'granted' legal status, at that location.. So, write them a silly letter and when they respond, you can use THAT, as a form of jurisdiction.. Now, let's get your ID. After you've gotten your ID, you need to change some jurisdictional (questionable) "errors" at the post office...

So, off to the post office, we go!! Go in and set your NEW ADDRESS as a FOWARDING MAIL address to your address, at home. Meaning, you are CREATING JURISDICTION on the lands of a forgien Embassy on domestic TURF!! Got to love international law, huh??

Now, your final step is to go to your boss and ask, to have your address 'status' changed and when asked, why, simple state you moved your "remote address to that location but, your living with someone, at this point..." Its your business so, it should be of NO CONCERN to him... Now, for the letter!

Write a simple letter to the IRS stating, your jurisdiction and country status, has changed. ".... If you want to have me or the corporation that, sign's my checks, to file for the income credit of my new foreign jurisdiction, please, forward Form 1118 for Foreign Tax Credit, earned, by the company, I work for...." What your telling the IRS is, your jurisdiction has changed and you DO NOT intend on acting within the USA...

Here's the form if, you like...

Foreign Tax Credit

You should get something like this: in the mail. The only part (thats, important!) is the first, part: Strike D (Certain Income Re-sourced By Treaty).. This REDUCE's corporate spending (on you), you get your entire taxable income back (the next year) and you'll file them as long as they try to tax you!!

Other way's is to use tax exempt 'agencys, churches, and businesses' with an exemption status of at least $10k (thousand) or better... When you get a paper in the mail, stating, you own the IRS say, $40k (thousand). The first thing that, should think of is: Is this a offer to settle??

Of course, it is! How?

Well, when you get a 'offer' its like a deposit for future credit (debit in banking term's). If you give the offer 'consideration' by accepting the amount (simply receiving it, under law, is considered consideration!) by signing it, cashing it, or paying it you've given the offer VALUE but, did you??

See, when you get the 'offer', what you've ALREADY GOTTEN is consideration (value) of the thing because, it doesn't have a minus like, $-40,000.00 (debit) or a plus like, $+40,000.00, have you? If not, then, you have a payment, IN YOUR HANDS!! Its called a debt-ration which, is defined as, a ".... liability on THEIR accounts in which, they have CREDITED YOU with..." Starting to sound more like banking law's, doesn't it?!?

A debt-ration is a BALANCE between, a credit (lose to them) and a debit (a gain to you). If they have an inbalance on the account they created FOR YOU then, YOU must balance the account, right? Say, you 'offer' your balance (their gain) to a church... The church files it as a 'tithing' and you get a check the mail for 'adjusting their [IRS] books'? Have you ever picked up a paper and seen, your company, sell a bunch of its debt, to investor's?

A credit swap, is a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE of that but, let's stay on track..

You can also, open (indirectly) a non-for-profit but, DO NOT HAVE YOUR NAME ON ANYTHING as if, it were to get audited, they could hit you with many more charges then, the death of the Mormon Uprising!! Matter of fact, the further you are away from it, the better....

Their are other form's I have used with much success.. One, is questioning the OMB (Office of Management and Budgeting) how have admitted to a few clients, I worked with before that, the federal government DOES NOT FINANCE corporation in any way, shape form, or fashion.. Here's is an example of WHY they don't:

"The U.S. Constitution (Article I, section 9, clause 7) states that "[n]o money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time."
Here for reference:


This, in retrospect mean's, congress does not and has not, passed a law to ORDER (directly or indirectly) monies, to be given, offered, or paid to corporations for their work!! Whats make's this so wonderful is, congress revenues give's the authority to the IRS to tax what the banks OFFERED to congress!! Article 1, Section 9 of the constitution, here: state's,

"No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time." as stated, above but, here's the twist: I had the clients, ask the OMB to provide 'regular statement and or receipts' BEFORE, he filed for tax's... This was to show that, congress DID NOT PROVIDE money, capital or re-revenue to the company they worked for and the OMB stated, they would audited!

Thank you for reading and hope, to have a YouTube Video, tonight, in regards to this posting!!


The Man- Politics & MoneY


E4 North America, said...

This only works if the commercial entity you use is not a US citizen. For US citizens must pay taxes where ever they are in the world.

Eco-Balance said...

You may seem to think that, use citizen's ARE NOT entity's when they are subjected to international law under the constitution.. The federal government is a entity and the IRS, is a collection agency under the Fair Debt Collections Act (FDCA)..

Under international law, ALL NATIONS are 'members' of a state (not states, country within its self or many states UNDER federal

Poland (for instance) does not have a 'treaty' AND is a foreign jurisdiction with respects, to DOMESTIC law (such, as statues, constitutional convention's, ect).... Look here: you will see, a exchange in letter's is defined as a international agreement as, changing one's address to the addressee's, to CLAIM their jurisdiction...)

When you "enter" a new jurisdiction and you have changed 'venues', you NO LONGER are idol to pay tax's unless, you "trade" under tariff law's from one country to the next..

Meaning, as long as I DO NOT pledge my income to my country, be tax (foreign taxation) but, my money has to return to me as I am an investor, with the jurisdiction I claim...

China(citizens) do not pay tax's unless, a national tariff on monies (e.g. lien) is placed on the national currency and the same goes with, every nation..

If a chinaman, "claim" an address, within the confine's of a Embassy, the tariff's on that person's account DECREASE's and the world bank, has too "adjust" the sovereign debt, of that nation (i.e. chinaman, claim's jurisdiction, in spain then, spain has to increase its spending to reduce the GPD of the national gross product: currency)..

Individual Master Account (IMF) (for instance) is to assess your WORTH THE YEAR PRIOR (as the IRS started assessments in 1933 after it was called to become the collection agency, in 1934). Look here:

This: will explain, in detail, to what the account DOES and what you will find, IN IT!

Good luck in your study's, my friend!!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. Show me a tax "code" that, has statue, law, or international tariff law (on domestic product such as currency's) THEN, you may have a 'strong argument', to give serious consideration, too..