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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Cost Of Court (Proceedings)..

Got a civil case? Well, 'pay' the state what you own them: the receipt amount.. What am I talking about? Look here (an example): .. This show's you that, the statued amount OWNED is what service (that, are provided) had rendered. 

I had done this some time ago against a landlord that, was pretty nasty to the people that rented from him.. Why would you do this? Well, this has been my main-course in civil and criminal case's, i've done. The 'receipts' (I speak of) can retained if, you make a request at the States Comptroller (like, the one in illinois: ) or you could request the judge transcribe the receipts on grounds of "... closing your account with your account holder, the plaintiff [in your case]..."

As you can see, Topinka, 'balances' the book's, each and every day.

The good part about balancing your account (court case) is, you don't use the system to pay for a judge that's, NOT needed, in the benefit re-negotiating with the creditor (in criminal case's, SAVING the state budget money it DOES NOT have to spend, on you!), and any purpose to keep loan sharks (such as government loan's for school, grants, and public money programs like, child-support!)... 

Hope this gave a 'grave insigth' of what you CAN DO to the system to make it work for other's!!

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