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Friday, April 15, 2011

To Win In The Law, WITHOUT The Law, Is The Question....?

Well, i've used the law's in many way's like, paying bill's, off setting alleged debt, and creating credit for administering the balancing court case's.. But, their is something about an offer (like, court documents or a court appearance) from a business like the courts that, most people DO NOT ASK the courts, to begin with: Am I mandated by law (NOT the constitution) to be in court???

That question was came with a smile and a "no".. I about-faced 6 judges during my studies and most importantly, when I was helping people out (ALOT of pro-bono) in regards to jail, debt ration's, and keeping the state out of people's pocket's..

I figure, I can't get any work doing these process's so, why not SHARE them... Mandating to go to court is like, the constitution, telling you, you can only have sex with your wife 2 time's a week.. Silly but, the truth is, the law doesn't say that, either! So, the next time you end up in front of a judge, ask him if, its "mandated" for you to come and the next thing that, should come out of your mouth (AFTER he state's 'no') you say, "for and on the record, thank you, your honor. sense i do not have to COMPLY with this court and their is no order, signed by you to mandate my appearance, you have the right to REMAIN silent.. for and on the record, anything you have said AND agreed to, can and WILL be used against you in A court of law..... for and on the record, your miranda right's, have been expressed and GIVEN, in which the same, has been posted, on and for the record as well, as offered to you if, you retain a lawyer or are advices, by proper adviser, at law......"

When that is done, you about-face and walk out of the court.... You'll go to the clerk's desk the next day and ask for transcripts (if, a court reporter was present/you'll REALLY need one of those!!), you'll have that recording/transcript certified by the clerk, seal it in a certified return green mailing slip and registered mail if, you like (for verification purpose's) then, send it off to the judge, lawyer, and a copy to the DA's office, the AG (Attorney General) and your governor (the one, how didn't pass any mandates to go to court/he'll become an expert witness if, the judge 'proceed's with the case)...

If he does proceed, he's looking at perjury charges, practicing law from the bench, obstruction of justice for proceeding WITHOUT giving proper notice to the public, tamper with evidence, unlawful procedure WITHOUT jurisdiction... 

We also have the civil side... The AG might want to hit the judge with admission to proceed without proper venue, tenure of 20 day 'stay' on restricted pay for up to 10 days (if, its a district judge), violation of miranda given rights, sued for obstruction of justice, furlough state pay for no more then 30 day's (if, its a senior judge), resignation of a office, resigning, no-contest and given a leave of up to 90 day's, and a HOST of other 'possibly' venture's in which the evidence YOU, have 'produced', can cause unrepeatable harm, to a man on a thrown...

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UncleMarc said...

So how can you get a car/conveyance using some of these methods.....

Eco-Balance said...

Car titles, quick deed's, and any conveyance contracts have to be FIRST, honored in a court, of law. Defaults by way of argument's, will not work...

Using the statues (properly) and mandating law, in a court case (such as, the constitution or oath and bond of those agents) can get some "good" results if, you negotiate, properly.

Again, this is based on a BASIC approach.

What kind of conveyance do you have and does your state, honor, 3rd party agreement via statue and the appropriation's, backing, them?

The Man- Politics & MoneY