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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parental Rights: Privilege's V. Rights...

Parental rights is alot like have a contract to 'properly care' for a child without, government oversigth.. This is, in part, the BC (Birth Certificate) to start off that process.. It's break's down into 2 area's, parental rights (e.g. a reservation, of rights that can not be taken away without consent: ) and parental privileges (e.g. which is the same but, you only have 'legal custody' of the child and is not, the consenting authority of said, transaction but testimony at a modest point in the business of district and federal court, system's)...

Parental privileges can be "challenged" by anyone with parental rights as long as the supposed 'evidence' show's the rights of the child, is beinging used in a manner, not suitable, for children...

The question you have to ask yourself is, "when do I have, parental rights and when am I regarded, as to only have privileges, to see or have custody, of the child?"

The question is easy: However signed the BC, is the original claimit.. If I claimed certain exemptions on my tax return with my son, as a write off on many associated surpluses goods and services and receipt's, HOW has made the first claim? And if I did, can my ex wife or girlfriend (how, mother the child out of web-lock) get the exemptions as her tax return, as well? First, I made the first claim and second, no, she would not be able to unless, we were married and did a joint-return which, would in fact, amended the original that, my tax return was done under ( )...

The problem between the "line" of your rights to a child and the state is that, you have no party to act FOR YOU if, you were say, to get locked up or your grandchild, decided, she wanted to live on her own so, she call's the cops and the process of the state in your life, begin's... 

If you have a child, want your child back, or want to make a third-party claim on custody "holders" of your child then, you need to do a few things BEFORE you get started on your research..

First, are you the original claimit (signer) of the BC? If so, you need to make a "claim" on that security.. The reason for this is to be the acting trustee ( ) because, thats what the courts do, when they "step in" to your personal life... The BC is a contract between you and the state (county) but, doesn't mean, you can't make a third-party claim to become the "legal guardian".. Which mean's, if a daughter and a mother opened a "trust"', placed the BC as a obligation to both the daughter and mother in pursuant to THEIR agreement and to it to court to get it "judged" in the wish's of the daughter's "estate", the mother can claim custody as child's care-giver and in many case's, can add as many as 10 people to that list to GUARANTEE the baby or child, "stays in the family!"

The state (any state) the city, state, or federal government WILL NOT interfere in "private contracting" as long as no party has broken the law.

Parental privileges, is what most people that, have "custody", have (just like a prison: the state doesn't "own them" they simply, ACT as custodian's of the PUBLIC TRUST in with the people of THAT STATE, deposits monies and taxable accountability to the state and county which, in turn, take's care of, each member/BC trustee, in lien of a sentence in which time, the mother/womb allow's him out of her tomb!).. Privilages is simple a temporarily "hold in lien" of the contract between the state or county (which either one, hear's custody, case's).. The "lien" i'm referring to is to the trustee of the public trust ( )... A security interest is to show the first claimit is the secured PARTY and will be heard, before any court with or without cause.. 

So, the priority of the county, city or state to place a claim on a trust in lien is to make a statement that, a ".. value person, is to be secured at this location via the warrant, in which time permits the place or location, should be secure and the asset, to be seen before this court within and no longer then, 10 day's..." If you've read what a warrant is, in my blog then, you know WHY, city, county, or state judges send them out for dead-beat-dad's, in the first place!

Now, for a secured interest (such, as child) it should understood that, you should handle it with general provision and SHOULD NOT be taken, into account, the emotional strain that, some time's blind's us from beinging 'reasonable. 

Also, their is a way to use 'collateral on BC' as a secured interest and could keep the state CLEAN out of your pocket... If like, bonding an inmate out but, the state has parental guidance if, the parents, do not. Look here: and you'll see that, if your at "risk" of having your child taken away, this is a perfect "tool" to keep the state off of you... The bond should be made AGAINST the city, county, or state in which will send in parental right "groups" how will try and ask the state for 'custody' of the child... If you've read about getting the oaths and bonds of clerks, judges and lawyer's this is the BEST WAY to bang'em in the sh*tter hole without having to fist-fight them in court, as well.

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