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Friday, April 1, 2011

Criminality & It's REAL Meaning...

Every wonder, WHY, when someone got locked up, how does it work as far as WHO pay's for it? Well, I helped a friend of mine to ask for the statued amount that, cost for all the process's in his case (on the record)? The judge, looking as if to tell the proscutor, 'no, don't go their, with this guy!' (as if, he'd answer it, himself!) and the DA decided to have some heart...

He replied, "it cost $160 after tax's and processing of a state check (a warrant)".. As you'll see (at the very bottom ) a warrant is a state check! So, that 'warrant' for wanting to come in your home, take and confiscating your personal property, warrant for arrest, ect are ALL in the same bed! Unbelieveable, right? Well, if you'd like to know anything as far a case or would like help with a case, i'll be happy to anwser any question via text or email.

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