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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Public Official & Elected Official's..

The difference between a appointed official (defined here: ) and elected official (defined: ) is, one, a appointed official DOES NOT have a set of rule's, to follow (even if, a higher authority set's a standard or trend).. 

Federal judges (for example) are given "discretion" over how the court may operate where, a elected official such as a circuit judge, is constituted to act within the confine's of constitution and NO EXCEPTION is (general and loosly) the base's of said conduct, of law's (NOT statues and we'll get into that in due time)... The lovely part of the state government is, YOU may have signed for a judge how passed judgement in YOUR case say, if you were riding with a revoked licence... You ask, "isn't that a conflict of interest?" Well, if a judge you DID NOT vote for, pass's judgement on you for whatever reason, is he IN FACT YOUR representative when the jurisdiction of his judgementship was in QUESTION OF A LEGISLATIVE BODY...

How is that, you ask? Very simple: The state legislature is the state, any agency doing business FOR the state, has a contract to uphold state law's and statue's, ect..... This mean's, when a judge is 'elected' he is IN FACT a politician NOT a judge...

Complicated, right? Look at the chart, I sent (above). Its a 'blue print' of WHAT the legislature has power OVER... As a matter of fact, 1 year and 9 months ago I questioned a judge in the circuit court, in a civil infraction to the FACTS that, he was elected by my client, the judge stood and walked out of the room.. He knew which way this was going because, of several question's he 'spotted' in the docket, BEFORE he heard the case. The 3 questions I know he spotted were:

8) Do you intend on acting for a agent how signed you into office and has installed, his constitution before this court in conjunction, with your AGREEMENT to uphold, the SAME?

9) Does your legislative body, hold meetings on withholding compensation to plaintiff lawyers (a common practices and policy's but, this is if, the suit is in question of the judges affiliation to the court) if, the attorney intends on using statues that, will be unconstitutionally USED AGAINST your client, the defendant?

10) Sense you entered office, did your office INTEND on using the jurisdiction proscribed by this court, to used FOR your client, the defendant or used AGAINST your client in an effort to uphold statues your legislative body, the state of illinois, has passed that, is MANDATED in your client's constitution in which, he took under oath nd to writ into this claims of records (docket)?

Flush the toliet of MANY judges while they sat and did nothing other then, took a seconds look's at this strange, figure, before what he BELIEVED was his throne!!

The appointed official is a far, MORE dangerous, animal. Most are affixed to the "creation" of their office[s] (incorporated city, states, and township's have joined into this formula of create office's of profit) and the rules are usually set under federal standards as not to allow to much access to governmental and internal affair's that, a audit would do for a bank as if the bank CAN NOT count its own money!!!

Appointed officials have the o.k. to take property, incorporate rules OUT SIDE of the confine's of traditional constitutional provision's.. Appointed official's can pretty much get away with murder! 

The Man- Politic's & MoneY

P.S. I'm gathering information on HOW to deal with today's appointed agents, officials and anyone in  "created office of any kind"...

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