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Monday, April 11, 2011

What A Dollar, Really Is...

The better way of looking at money, is when, its 'questioned' and everyone with a financial motive, has to realize just how much power you (the people), actual have... She was beinging sued for $160k (thousand) and she had no way around it... She is my example in a case I did, in 2002. I allowed the judge to get a foot-hold on the defendant then, with attempted to redeem the defendant from defeat, I pulled a "fast one" on the courts..

First, I took a dollar (cereal number L 21869574  B 'manufactured' and OFFERED to the public by the federal reserve bank of san fransisco )... What I had done was created a negotiable instrument (promissory note's)...

Second, sent the paper's to the SOS (Sec.of State) for apostille stamp then, returned the papers where they were re-filed with the clerk of circuit court under the same name and case (docketed).

Third, the same was sent in the mail, certified and return green slip with "insurance" for the amount and affidavit with testimony (you can make 'open statements' as if, you were in court...) ... The 'swore statement' and miranda rights are read into the court record INCLUDING the affidavit...

Last but not least, court. When her (Cathy Peterson) statement and miranda rights were read into the record starting with, "... on and for the record, under clerk of the courts [Dorothy Brown], bond, 285010842 under certification does testify under the same and I provide, under writ say onto facts..." then, goes states each fact... 

Those facts? Didn't think, you'd ask!!

For one, a promissory note is a negotiable instrument. When she stated, ".... this promissory note [place's the dollar in front of her DEFENDANT] has been stated on this affidavit to be of negotiable financial price of $160k (thousand) USD (United States Dollars) ( USD is a trading symbol!!) and is beinging negotiated, at this time, in Russia under seal of apostille... ( )..." 

Each part of the affidavit throw the judge and asked to "rebut the facts placed before him or have his miranda rights be SERVED TO HIM within the period of normal silence period starting, now..... (his silence/unrebutted BECAME HIS TESTIMONY!) into such a fit (he was read his miranda rights EACH TIME you stated a FACT), he recused himself (Honorable Judge Edmund Ponce) and NO JUDGE had EVER touched anything with her name on it!! She had 2 credit cards company's file case's, foreclosure, and 3 case's involving vehicle infractions and ALL CASE'S, were re-rouited to Du Page and jurisdiction was the ONLY THING that, had all case's dismissed except, her foreclosure where they negotiated her to leave for $12k (thousand) in a $18k (thousand) dollar house!! Ha! 

Stay tuned this magic has just BEGUN, here with Politics & Money!

The Man- Politics & MoneY

P.S. The records of the case's have been sealed but, I have contact with Ms. Peterson for the 'confirmation' to other's that, the system WORKS but, you have to put ".. your money where your mouth is (literally)!!"

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