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Monday, April 11, 2011

Uphold The Constitution & What It Mean's, For You!

The oath of office ( ) is made, as a form of contract (because, most are signed as if, an agreement has been established) in which, is the duty and liberty of said officer to ACT and AFFIRM in which, they will enforce (as a contract, agreement).. The oath of office of the Clerk Of The Courts, Dorothy Brown, is responsible for taking the oath as a OBLIGATION to do as the sub-contractor's (e.g. defendant/plaintiff) say under penalty of perjury AND as a witness under certification of writ's..

With that out of the way, say, you signed the constitution (your state) then, signed their oath of office in which, say, the Clerk Of Courts, have taken... Then, you have it signed by notary and send it to the Clerk with a Letter of Dishonor (depending on what your DEFENDING or offence to UPHOLD YOUR RIGHTS, here's a banker's EXAMPLE: ) Let's say, you get the bond of said Clerk. ... What you have (if, the Clerk is unresponsive) Clerk has done is ADMITTED that, his or her has ACCEPTED YOUR OFFER to uphold or serve you within the confine's of the constitution, your supposed violation, if the obligation or debt ration is in fact constitutional, pay the court for fine's, pay over a domestic depute, pay for fee's and judgement's of any kind..

As you see, the word "surety" is based on the contractor (insured) is to "act for another" (i.e. insuring the uninsured, i.e. a duty of indebtness!!).. Sounds something like obamacare, huh?? Ha, ha!

Here are a few state's how, have a MANDATE to have AND uphold the state and US constitution's:

.... and a HOST of other city's and state's.. I'd have the pleasure of stating all state's, city's, and incorporated registered entity's but, this afternoon, I don't have time to please all! Anyway's, if you have question's or would like 'help' on your case or anything to do with state or federal agents, of the US government, write me, below...

Untill Then,
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