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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The IRS & Off Setting Debt Burden's...

Tax burden's are based on what they offered you (e.g. a piece of mail is a commercial transaction as a bank note is a deposit into the bank as the mail is a deposit into the mail)... I have an exemption amount of $650,000.00 that, was "deposited" with a $5.00 dollar bill money order (e.g. tendered the payment or paying for credit on account i.e. in math, $5.00 deposited with $650,000.00 WITHHELD $-5.00 credit for $650,000.00 return EQUALING $+650,000.00 as payment if, taxed for any purpose: ..)

I simply had someone write me with $650,000.00 written under the postal stamp. When it was stamped by the Post Master, he 'cancelled' the stamp and it became a "tax deductible"..

You'll see an example under number 22, here:

Their are MANY other way's to reduce or get rid of tax liabilities, all together. I used a church (in one case) by, "tithing" the debt (IRS sent for wage garnishment) to the church and the churched "claimed it" as a donation... The person indebted to the IRS, was given a written thank you letter in regards to the "payment made to the church..."

Corporate taxation can be a hole different kind of beast but, yet, one in the same as far as doing business as en entity.. You can "donate" small debts (under $10k-thousand) and get a 3% return on your donation (the donation will be return to the exempt party, not you).... You can create a company and use it to "hold" your asset's and use contracts to offset debt's via conversion rates on contract obligations from company profile to individual or marginalized investor or simply, the third-party to say, trading your own debt (i.e. if your employee, you could selling your check to your  company and use 'fixed trading' to insure, your trades get's fixed income rates thus, allowing you a SAFE and STABLE shares in which, you can write off as tax-deferred-payments)..

Accountability, is ALL the IRS really wants.. Nothing more, nothing less..

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